Vela Damage over time

Whenever I raided against a team with Vela, it seems her dot of 202 over 4 turns actually more than that.

It should be 50 per turn but seems 70 ish, especially for fire heroes. The most recent raid, the damage per turn showed up on my red heroes was 127. I know she does extra damage on red but 127 per turn is way more than extra in other cases.

This might help.


DoT is linked to the hero attack stat.

For Vela to get the full DoT on her card, the hero must be at max ascension AND max level.

Additional, because for is tied to the attack stat, emblems will increase DoT ABOVE what is written on the card…
More emblems = more attack stat = more DoT

Vela also does extra damage against fire enemies (as written on her card). This extra damage is +70%

Read more in these two threads:

Edited to add some more general information in as I’ll now start using this as the master merge thread for Vela DoT questions :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks @Guvnor!! I figured you would find some informative links on the topic :slight_smile:

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Thanks. That clarifies; 20% boost for defense and 70% boost against fire.

This is the team I was against and the stats of Vela.

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Off topic perhaps but… that’s an unorthodox order for a defence line-up.

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I am still stuck at why would someone put critical troops on a defense team if they had mana troops (this person might not; my green luck is not shared by others I have spoken to). All of mine (4 stars both mana and critical) have come in pairs, more or less within weeks of each other (no purple or yellow) and 7? green mana troops and 3 green criticals to go with them (I only kept 4). (why not more? something about the 10’s of millions in food to level them and the lack of feeders; not complaining, the summons gate keeps me supplied but not enough for 4)

I just can’t understand how my 80+1 vela some time she gives 104 dot. But normaly is 63. With always the same troop. Does the Dot increase if the target is red??

Her card says she does extra damage to fire, but I’m not sure how or if DoT scales with that.

Yes it does. She deals extra dot to red.


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