Vela broken?

I was playing against her on a defense team, and noticed she was hitting my red heroes for 350-400 damage a normal attack, without any offensive buffs/defense down on my attacking team, which led me to wonder:

Is Vela dealing extra damage to fire with her normal attacks as well as her special? Might be a glitch or something. My average normal attack hits on all other heroes are in the range of 80-150, so even compensating for being weak against blue, it’s still an incredibly hard normal attack.

Anyone else experiencing this?

Not broken. Working as intended. Deals extra damage heroes deal extra on special attack damage and DoT unless otherwise stated. Also extra damage for critical hits.

If the extra damage applies to her normal attacks and not only to her special - then this should not be written in the description of her special. It should then appear in the description of her passive (always on) abilities together with her “resist minion effects”.

Her card states “deals extra damage against Fire.” I’m not sure how that could be confused.

Any time you fire her vs Reds, her hits always say ‘strong,’ so it should be evident after any use.

I may be wrong, but I think you’re actually just seeing random critical hits. I don’t think she does more slash attack damage on defense to red, and experimenting with a raid seemed to prove this.

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Only her special does extra damage against reds, not slash attacks.

Her elemental link increases crit chances just like a crit troop. Entirely plausible.

Vela on defense, deals extra damage to red only 2 applied on her special skill:

  1. Direct damage
  2. DoT (damage over time) water damage.

Slash attack does not deal extra damage. But can be a critical hit.