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Hey all!

No, I am not issuing a new challenge :laughing: Although :thinking:… anyway

I have, by nature as a F2P, a majority vanilla roster. On most of these others quests I go for mana control as a tactic for completion with the likes of predominantly Gretel (yes, I did manage a few “fancy” heroes), costume Chao (do costumes count as special? We’ll say no for this), and Little John. Obviously with the bosses ability to be immune to all the mana impacts of their specials, they won’t work as their damage alone by itself renders them much less than a lot of other available heroes.

In general I noticed a really big jump from the second to last level and last level. In some colors the last level has been brutal in comparison to most events. To be clear, that isn’t a complaint. I enjoy the challenge. I learned the hard way by not reading before about the stealing buff thing on the final boss the first time :man_facepalming:.

Avoiding buff heavy teams and ailment generators, due to stealing or immunity, really limits options. Especially for newer players and F2Pers. What I have found so far is going back to trusty old regular Chao and Leonidas with mana pots as needed has been a big boost to those final level teams. I would go so far to say that regardless of color, those two are staples until I figure something else out.

Now, my Leonidas is +19. Those boosted 5* stats compared with the self heal of his special means he is typically not a survival liability.

Brief tangent: Is it me or does it seem like in these aether quests in later levels the bosses are stacking special to a single hero. It almost seems unheard of in the last level to not have them gang up on someone. Maybe I am nuts though?

Chao, on the other hand, is a survival risk. This is especially true later with stacking specials per my note above (unless I am, indeed, nuts). He is only +1 and with the costume bonus. It is also a very tough class for emblems as he is competing with the likes of Athena, Seshat, and Lianna on my roster. I probably put him ahead of Tiburtus.

The question becomes is it worth it to emblem him, or any hero, more just for the aether event? I know people emblem or LB heroes for certain quests or events. Are aether quests at that level it warrants special consideration? This is likely different for everyone depending on resources put into the game. What made me wonder is:

  • Given the frequency of events, you don’t want to burn a lot of battle items on an aether quest.

  • Aether are also super rare though and difficult to obtain outside of the quest. This makes them “more than” to a lot of players who n terms of importance.

  • I imagine though, similar to emblems, SG’s grip on these will loosen. It already has by them selling some in deals.

I am curious for other’s views on how they approach these events. Particularly people who use a lot of vanillas. While I ask about Chao in my case I would Iove to hear other tactics.

Also, a secondary question: how intentionally are you approaching these aether quests?:

Battle items be damned, I need those aethers?

Would you ever cater heroes for those quests?

Good luck to those summoning for BF!



I don’t consider the frequency to be that high right now

I also would gladly burn through battle items to get the aethers if needed
I remember hearing an argument that for early players, they should spend the 75 gems on rare quests to revive because 75 gems for a four star ascension mat is much better than any other offer you can buy.

I went for tile damage and minions

Yes Uraeus and Joon do give double snipes to one hero, but that’s not what I found to be the “key” to winning.

I have Chao with 18 emblems (no costume) and Leo (0 emblems). I didn’t use either.

If you completed this time, I don’t see a reason to limit break just for the event. Seems like you already have a strategy that works.
I would not emblem for an event that comes around once every six months.
When the rush war with no darks happened I considered embleming Kailani because she would be a good tank. Then I realized it’s not worth embleming her just for one tournament 1-2 times a year. I have 1260 cleric emblems too.


There is an aether quest once a month. That seems pretty regular, right?

I meant the enemy stacks specials on my heroes. I always try to stack specials on enemies. It just seems the enemies stacks on me much for frequently than in other quests.

It comes around monthly. Leonidas and Chao are being used against all colors for mana control. Chao would only get emblems, not LB. He just needs help surviving and was debating if redirecting emblems to him would be warranted for monthly use to lessen battle item use and help him stay alive.



I used purple mono in this LB quest.
Sartana+20,cost. Rigard+11, Malicna+18, Sabina+20, Obakan+20.

No mana control, not many buffs, but lots of healing and direct damage.
Battle items: Timestops,Super healing potion, super mana potion. Revive scrolls.

The end bosses of the last stage often fired both on one hero, even a fully healed and emblemed 5* could be killed. Therefore the revive scrolls. Used nearly all items, but won. I seldom use revive scrolls, super healing and timestops, so I have plenty of them.
I use all these heroes regularly in raid and war, and will not LB or emblem a hero for a single event.

Good luck and happy gaming


Here are my 2 cents.

Recent Purple Aethers quest was completed entierly by my main account and 13 out of 18 alts.

Stages 4 and 5 required the heavy usage of Super Mana potions, Time Stops and Tornadoes by many of the alts because they would otherwise have no chance of success with their very very limited rosters. One of the alts had to enter the last stage with a couple of 3* even (LB Balthazars) which are practically one-shot material and had to use a flask for a second attempt plus more TS and Tornadoes.

Here the link to the video of the two of these alts’ last stage Omega fights:

So yeah, for me it’s “Battle items be damned, I need those Aethers now!”

Same as with Trials quests the moment I started assembling relatively decent 3* / 4* teams of the required classes.

In my observation, battle items for the newbies start to stockpile pretty early, and IMO they should be used. And their usage is different from that of an experienced player with developed roster. New players have little to no chance of competition in challenge events for example, nor should they mindlessly burn tons of expensive battle gear at the mythic titan, because let’s face it, with their limited rosters competition is out of the question.

However everything that brings new players unfarmable items in exchange for farmable expensive battle items (and I mean forge items, since I consider Lodge items to be borderline unfarmable) should be attempted and won no matter how many items it will burn. Can’t complete last level of Trials unless wasting 5x Dragon Attk+Bomb attk + Axe attk - use them of course, get your 20 emblems for the exchange of these 15 battle items.

Recently I watched a screenshot from a fellow countryman E&P player, I will post it here:

What does this tell you? To me it says that this guy is stockpiling tornadoes. To what purpose though? And the question which I’m asking immediately is - why aren’t you using those in attempts to get something more useful like emblems or 4* mats?

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Nice team, I love seeing a max emblemed Obakan with no costume. I imagine the A value is very high. I also have Malicna and think she is underrated on the forums.

Thanks for the replay, food for thought. We t took aether quests to realize how buff heavy some of my teams are. My blue team got massacred the first time when I didn’t read about stealing and the bosses flipped the script and wasted me mercilessly.

Fair comparison I hadn’t considered. When those started I was fairly advanced already so wasn’t in that quandary. Even burning 75 gems is a good exchange rate for 4* mats if needed.


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Here is my Obakan. My second 5* and the first I maxed.

Use him in my purple mono team for raids, war and yellow titans.

Happy gaming

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How many alts?


Don’t faint. I autoplay. Well, Omega cannot be autoplayed sadly…

Well, the new Alliance quest made all these pay off…

That’s probably what I need to do, as the alliance I’m in is tiny and some members didn’t even attempt the quest, so we didn’t even get past the first difficulty. But there are only 24 hours in the day and more than one game to play (not to mention, like, you know, work :stuck_out_tongue: ).

Ya I know about work, I have two of those things…and still am able to autoplay my alts even at work. For example right now one of my alts is autoing the Find Recruits II quest for that ETT and I’m still technically working… It is possible without that much effort indeed. If I am busy, alts can always wait since I develop them bit by bit when I’m free and I feel like it. BTW to unlock all difficulties of the Alliance quest 10 alts were sufficient last time. Unless they change the difficulty, all your alts need for the alliance quest is lvl 10 forge and a rainbow maxed 3* team. That way each can pass through the Rare part with around 400 k points, probably pass the first stage of Epic with battle items, and the remaining will be added by your main account to get to that 10 million needed to unlock Legendary.

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