Clarification on Mana Reduction specials

Hi, I’m wondering how the mana reduction specials work (e.g. Leonidas, Chao, Gan Ju etc.).

My initial understanding was that the amount of mana reduced related to the progress of the target hero - by this I mean that if the target was exactly halfway to powering up their special, and I attacked with a Leonidas (“Reduces the mana of the target by 40%”) that would take the targets progress down to 30% ((1-0.4) x 0.5).

After using Leonidas and Chao against Ursena in the final Atlantis level (very effectively I might add) I’ve come to believe it is more literal and that if their mana progress is 50% a Leonidas will take it to 10% (0.5-0.4). This obviously makes Leonidas, Chao etc. better heroes than I first believed.

Does anyone know which of these is correct (or if I am completely wrong and its something I haven’t considered).


I think it’s the latter and more literal one. The same thing happens will healers. If a healer heals 42%, then it will always heal for 42% of the heroes total health, not the amount which is remaining. So, my assumption is the mana cutting also works in the literal way. But I could be wrong. :slight_smile:


PirateKing is correct, it is the latter. It is x% of their overall mana bar total, not their current mana bar progress.

I used to field Chao frequently (being my first 4 star hero) and I remember this detail: I hit a boss with full mana, cut a quarter of its mana bar down. I hit a boss after the first turn without hitting it, and it reduced the bosses mana down to empty (full zero, no mana left) before the next turn started.


Awesome thanks guys, good to know!

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