🎲 [v1] Alchemy Lab FAQ, Discussion & Alkashard Calculator

thanks, I was just giving an example of what people would say. Morlovia is in my radar… but for Aeron or Domitia. I don’t even have Hel :slight_smile:

Glad there are enough houses, farms, mines and other stuff still to upgrade :).
Done the Hunter’s lodge pretty fast and was happy to have that (still need to research some things) but I will not be going to invest any materials into the Alchemy Lab at all.
The way it is now, the only advantage for me would be to get rid of the low level items I have in abundance, but seeing how much time and resources it will take to get to the 10.000 needed shards, it is not worth the investment at all.

As a C2P with not much luck in summonings I now have enough mats to finish 2 5* hero’s in any color. If only they would come into my home at some time… I think I need bigger castledoors or pay more beer for hero’s so they will join me in my battle :wink:


I’m wondering why I can’t convert one of my house to the AL.
I can’t convert the storages, I don’t like t convert a farm or a mine (I’m alredy always short in everything)…
I’m forced to convert another another forge…
So I’m going to have only one forge and I can’t craft in parallel.
I don’t really see any reason to deny to convert an house…

An we are still waiting for the Hero Academy…


A long, long time ago, Storage buildings could be converted to the Barracks.

That turned out to cause massive confusion and problems, as it affected capacities for upgrades. So it was eliminated.

They’ve kept that change in the Advanced Building design, preventing any form of Storage (including Houses) from being converted.

Indeed, if you want to have Hunter’s Lodge, a Barracks, and Alchemy Lab available all at the same time, you can only have 1 Forge.

That might get even more constrained when Hero Academy is eventually released.

Like many things in this game, it’s a resource management decision. You have to decide how to make use of your buildings.

Of course, you could do what I’m doing, and just not convert any building to Alchemy Lab, and pretend it doesn’t exist. :man_shrugging:


Hi @Mariamne is the graphic data from the released version? Would you be willing to message me? I have a few questions.

I agree about food and iron storages.
But I don’t see any problem related to houses.

We are going to have 4 extra buildings (not planned since the beginning), we should have at least few more choices.

Not always all of them at the same time.
But I can’t switch back while building something.

Why this game should always be “choose what you want to give up”?
There are several other easy solutions.


Imagine if someone converted 3 or 4 houses to some mix of Barracks, Hunter’s Lodge, Alchemy Lab, and Hero Academy, and you’ll see the problem.

That’s a pretty clear central component of the game design.

You can debate whether it should be that way, but based on other design decisions the game designers have made, it doesn’t surprise me at all that they created yet another resource constraint.


I already included it in the top post of this thread. :slightly_smiling_face:


OMG, sorry! I’ll delete my post! Hahaha

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No worries, thanks for making it!

Have you observed any differences between the final version of Beta and the production version of Alchemy Lab? Everything I’ve seen seems to indicate they’re the same, but since you actually have one maxed, I wanted to double check.

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I think graph is not showing the right days
lvl 10 would be 14 days?

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The research time for Level 10 is 14 days, but the Transmutation time should be 7 days — at least that’s what it was in Beta, as noted in the top post of this thread.


oh yes I got it, research time and transmute time. nvl 9 seems to be missing something?
something doesn’t look good

So you have to wait 7 full days to be disappointed…I can get that kind of sadness in 5 seconds from the Summon portal. Seems too long to me.


I’m running 8,9,10 right now and it seems to be working like beta


Let me look at the calculator. Okay I fixed it. Cell “D15” just needs to be changed to this: =C15*‘Data (DO NOT EDIT)’!E15


Yes, the Summoning Portal is a much more efficient source of disappointment.

Alchemy Lab is for true masochists, who prefer to draw out their torture. :face_with_monocle:


Thanks for confirming!

And also — I mean this sincerely — why?

I’ve personally struggled a lot with finding any reason why I’d want to run Alchemy Lab. But you’re a different player with different priorities (and I think a sizably different budget), so I’m interested in your perspective on what you’re excited to get out of Alchemy Lab, and what the time/resource/gem costs associated with it are.


The purpose of AL10 is if you have excessive mats of just one 4*. For example: I have zero tomes, but had 24 rings. All my mat inventory: 4 d blades, 1 tabard, 9 telescopes, 13 tonics, 14 darts, 24 rings.

So I dumped 7 rings into AL10 in hopes to balance out my 4* mat inventory. In process, I grab Alkashards every 7 days. Nothing is guaranteed, but the ring won’t transmute into another ring.


I seriously don’t think there is a valid reason except for trying to make Alkashards. AL9-10 are useful for me, just because my mat inventory is so unbalanced. I’m pretty much trying anything to balanced it out. And with the Alkashard conversion to only 50 emblems, I wouldn’t recommend it for anyone. It’s just not worth it. You can purchase 10 emblems in the shop for 150 gems (price per emblem=15 gems). It cost 4k gems to make 10k shards (price per emblem = 80 gems). If they made it 200 emblems, like they first had it (Price per emblem - 20 gems) that would make it worthwhile.


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