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So that just happened - my very first transmutation result!

Well at least it feels worth the wait! I hope this isn’t the last one this year.


Small update here… So my 2 following transumations weren’t as spectacular, that is Fine Gloves and Hidden Blade. But I also started running it on level 10 and it did spit out Damascus for “sacrificed” Tome of Tactics, turning my 6-1 ratio into 5-2 (immediately put in another tome so I am 4-2 atm). I guess that earns its purpose. Of course I am one of those who can afford the gem cost, whether it is fair price for random result it offers I don’t know, probably not. But is million units of food worth the 1700 gems? Definitely not, and they did not do crap about it for years, so I guess I am going with what’s available…

Would love for the radio silence from SG re the lab to end. If they insist on keeping it as is despite the terrible feedback it receives it’s beyond comprehension, but if they plan to change, they can at least let us know, because every month of it kept in current form is only making it worse and going to backfire when people start asking for compensation etc…


I’m all for a radical refit of the lab. But a simple “quick fix” would simply be to significantly lower the food costs. It would then at least make some sense to use it.

I’m looking at the non gem levels, anything above that has been discussed to death already lol.


I still haven’t converted yet… hah… is there any decent reason to do so? I mean, I surely will once all of my other buildings are at where I want them to be and I’m looking for a resource sink.

That’s the only reason I’ve come up with so far.


:notes: Lab. What is it good for. :notes:

Not only is Alchemy lab poor at getting stuff you want, it is also poor at getting rid of stuff you do not need ( see notes ).


I recommend Harpoons, the best addition to Empires since 4* ascension items were added to rare quests.


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Yes! I agree with the last portion of the last link you provided… let us trade off food for iron… even if we trade… 100k food for 40k iron…

And vice versa of course in the event that that’s what you’d want/need to do.

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If they allowed food<->iron it would be at an even worse ratio. 10:1 or 100:1. And that’s fine. Although if it’s close to the worse end then it has to be pretty much instant (which could have the added bonus of it not being an extra storage if it just flows right into normal storage).

I could build AL, but refuse to in the current incarnation.


I didn’t really read this comment. I still starred it because I love the way you format everything you write.




Looks like we are Tabard twins :laughing: AL9 results:

I did 2 of each on AL9 and AL10 just to see what would happen. AL10:

I really needed the tonic and had excess blades and tomes so this worked out really well for me. Seeing as I beat the odds here though, I’m going to pass on further AL9 and 10 transmutations until the exchange rate on Alkashards gets fixed.


Finally at the point where i can turn 2* ascension items into 3*. So far, ive only gotten boots and the red training manual. Is it possible to get other unfarmable things like hidden blades, capes, shields, orbs, and trap tools? Is it like the tc20 where its possible but extremely unlikely? If its not possible, then this has been a huge waste of time. Keeping my hopes uo that the building works as advertised!

@tleggett11 I moved your question to a thread that can help answer it. :slight_smile:

I believe you’re asking about Level 6, which I’ve noted this about:

There’s actually no Level of Alchemy Lab that produces 3* unfarmable Ascension Materials from 2* farmable ones.

Instead, Level 9 uses 3* farmable Ascension Materials, like that Battle Manual, and produces either 3* unfarmable mats (95% chance), or 4* unfarmable mats (5% chance).

Please note that Level 9 also requires 150 gems and 7 days per Transmutation.

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Thanks for the info! I won’t waste anymore time on level 6. Studying level 9 now. How many 3* ascension items are required to get an unfarmable 3*/4* item?

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Exactly 12. Production lasts a week so it’s unlikely to run out of material - you can farm more than 12 during a week of play, and I bet you don’t ascend 5 heroes daily.


We will get a bonus after transmuting at lvl 10 ?

EX: Damascus + 250 gems + 256k food = 600 alkashards 1 ring and bonus …let’s say a tonic?

I saw some old pics from beta…it’s still available the bonus?

The bonus item possibly was removed and replaced by the shards.

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LV 20 training camp I get 1 5* a month, got 2 LV 20 running. Have more 5* than I can upgrade. Got 5 upgraded 1 upgrading and 6 without items

@zephyr1 I copied your data from your leading post into Google Sheets and formated it. I even extended the last 5 columns for some calculation concerning the 10.000 alkashards.

Feel free to add the link to the starting post.


Added, thanks! :slightly_smiling_face:

I remain hopeful that we’ll see changes to Alchemy Lab this year.


Is there currenly a way to change the combination results of 10.000 shards for combination?

I have to the choice between two Emblems which I do not like to get. And the efforts to reach 10.000 are to high to run through a second time.

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