Upgrading 3 * Troop - Worth It?


As per topic.

I do find it difficult farming for troops so I have only upgraded/levelled up the 4 * troops. I just recently got a 3 * troop and I’m not sure it’s with levelling up, or keep on waiting for a 4 * troop to show up.

Yay or nay to level up 3 * troops?


I only have one 4* troop, so yes, I am upgrading 3* troops, I think they are at level 8 and 9 now, my team would be quite a lot weaker if I didn’t. The upgraded 3*s would still come in handy when you have more of the same color in a team.


If you have the food then sure. And If you don’t plan on spending money to get all 4* troops. Getting them for free takes very long. The chance to get the same color 4* later is quite low, so might aswell level the 3*


I’m levelling crit strike 3*'s over mana regen 4*'s at this point; the investment needed to make a material difference in mana regen speed is astounding with the current attack mana generation mechanic… I actually think SG needs to tweak that to make it more effective but perhaps that would make it overpowering on defense.

Actually pulled my last color 4*, but it was the mana regen blue… don’t really think I’ll be leveling that unless some testing on current defenses shows where 5% mana regen speed (or whatever) makes a material difference… if I got a 5* equivalent of Friar Tuck’s buff that might scale that someday maybe, but right now, meh.


I’m not a big mana regen fan. TBH, I just look at the attack, crit and defense stats of the troops. I’ve been fortunate enough to not really spend much on this game, and still manage to get the following 4 * troops:

  • Reanimated Master Knights (purple)
  • Exalted War Constructs (yellow)
  • Deepwood Elderents (green)
  • Barbaric Assassins (red)

The recent 3 * troop I got was a Ravager Archers (blue).

edit: I also have a 4 * Rebel Infiltrators (green) that I have not levelled up/don’t use.


For reference I did some testing of a level 6 mana regen troop (5%).

5% means 5% apparently: a slow mana hero went from 12 tiles to charge by default, to about 11.5ish (hard to say since doing graphical interpretation, looked at 11 tiles to be aroune 11.5-11.6 filled).

If we presume that is correct, to go from slow (12) to average (10) we’d need 17% mana regen speed; therein lies a non-trivial problem.

This picture was taken from Odie about a week ago, notice the absurdly high level, and then note the mana regen stat:

Ultimately it’s really not worth investing in imo if it can’t even take a slow to average at that level which I will probably never ever get to for my troops. Might have more use on defense, maybe, but given the expense to level troops, if I had a 4* crit I’d never ever wind up getting to the 4* mana regen one… and if I didn’t, still hard to shelve a good 3* for this one: crit is good on both attack and defense, whereas mana regen is effectively a wasted stat on offense.


I agree, the mana regen seems totally useless. 5% wont help anything and how do you make the system so that upgrade to 6% or 7% would make a any difference either.

One solution would be to let the maximum mana to go up by the same %. But keep the amount of mana needed for the ability the same, so at 5% mana speed you would have max mana pool of 105% but only 100% would be needed for activation and only 100% would be removed. That would let some of that extra mana spill over to the next activation where it could actually matter.


Levelled troops give a bigger boost to training than non levelled troops, so you aren’t wasting all your resources if you level a 3* and later feed to a 4*


Level 29?!??! Is the max level of the barracks actually 20?


There’s a scale to barracks, was making a haphazard little chart based on barracks level out of curiosity since I didn’t see it on the Wiki:

Maximum level by barracks level

BLvl: 1* / 2* / 3* / 4*

1: 5 / 4 / 3 / 2
2: 10 / 7 / 5 / 3
3: 10 / 11 / 8 / 4
4: 10 / 15 / 11 / 6


Max barracks level is 10.


Solid idea senor; however, I think even that needs to be scaled higher too.

An average mana hero takes 10 tiles to fill assuming all hit; it is doubled then I only wind up at 0.5 tiles after case and still need 9.5 to go… = 10. Granted it’s a little better than the current mana regen bit (where Odie’s level takes a slow mana to 11 tiles if I didn’t flub the napkin math, OK some benefit I guess but the investment to get to that level is absurd still) but if I have to get to 10% mana increase to save a tile on an average hero, that’s still seems like a suboptimal investment.

Good possible tweak though, actually wouldn’t it be maybe not so great on defense since they will fire whenever capped anyway and I think tick a fraction per turn adding up to 100%? I guess on a tank or similar taking damage they might get overmanaed or whatever term we would use for that heh.


Leveled up troop example:

Lvl 9 3* troop gives 456 XP = roughly 11 x 1* troop, so think twice when you use them to level up 4* troops.