Unexpected War changes?

So in today’s war we noticed that our opponents (who decided to reset us at the start of war, scored 1537 on a board flip. For the longest time a flip was worth a total of 1500 points regardless of how many members were playing. Of course when we did the math, if we were to reset them, our flip would only be worth 1531, which of course would be less and an unfair advantage to the other team. Is there a change we weren’t made aware of and if so why? They already use a warring score system to try and keep matchups even (though they rarely are to begin with, either we have the major advantage or they do, but that’s based on win/loss history, rosters, etc.). Anyways. Anyone else notice the changes to the value of a reset/board and is there a discrepancy in values in your game too.

Hi @Principe, welcome back to the Forum!

Typically, there are two reasons why a clear isn’t worth exactly 1500 Points:

  • The initial value of each team has some rounding, which can lead to a slightly different total number (it’s actually often not exactly 1500 in larger alliances, from what I’ve seen)

  • Rounding in each partial kill can lead to earning more points from a multi-flag kill than a team would have been worth for a single kill

In this case, where the points you noted are different by only 6, it’s likely the second reason that caused it.

Ideally, you want to check the points for each team when each one is undamaged.

There’s a good chance that won’t total to exactly the same 1537 they got for the first clear, unless every hit was a one-shot kill.

That said, there have been reports over the last 2 years of cases where the total point values were slightly different for each alliance, even looking at the values solely for undamaged teams.

That is arguably unfair, as you noted, but not new — it’s happened to many alliances before, for a long time.

So I’d say it’s unlikely it’s due to a recent change, at least.

The only recent change to War that’s been announced is that Defense teams are now locked after the start of War: Alliance Wars Adjustment (1 Apr 2020)

That actually should reduce point oddities, though, as it eliminates the longstanding issue with points being redistributed across teams as Troops and Heroes were leveled on Defense teams.


Thank you for the great breakdown/explanation. It makes sense. I’ve been playing for almost 2 years and never really paid too much attention, but with the pandemic I apparently have more time on my hands and happened to notice the oddity. Thanks, and also thanks for all the great work you don on here. I don’t comment or post often, but definitely read a lot on here and see the work you put in. Cheers.


Thank you for communicating why this change happened. Respect to the mods.

I clicked through from the official announcement page to here… it would be great if SGG could communicate the reasons and benefit to game play along with their official announcement.

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