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So here’s my roster. I have enough telescopes to take Alasie to 80, BUT, I have only 5 capes and, as you can see, no maxed 4* healers.
I’ll probably max Kiril first, but since getting other 7 capes will take months I’m a bit hesitating.
Plus, my TC20 will be ready within a week.

The other question is: should I max Kashhrek to have a great tank for defense or should I give priority to Little John? (I have 11 shields).

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I’d recommend using the capes on Kiril now since it will still be a while before you can max Alasie anyway, and Kiril perfectly compliments Tiburtus/Grimm for higher damage.

As for Kashhrek vs Little John, it depends on whether you want to focus on offense or defense. Kash is considered by many to be the best 4* tank, so go with him for defense. On the other hand, Little John has great tile damage and pairs well with Chao for mana control (I use that combo myself along with Boldtusk, Tiburtus, and Sonya to keep my cups around 2000), so go with him for raid offense or titans.

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I would put your team with Kiril - Tiburtus - Kashrek - Grimm - Chao

I don’t like Lancelot myself, you may like him as you have him maxed so you can make a rainbow team putting him on 2nd spot and Tiburtus on Grimms spot.

Grimm + Kiril are awesome against red titans. For raid offense you need to get strong hitters like Alasie so bring her to max you can asap.

The advice that’s hardest to hear but most valuable is: don’t worry about your defense team at this point.

I know it sucks to get beaten and loose cups, but you will get more ascention items more quickly by leveling up heroes for titan teams. That will make your team stronger faster, and the defense will eventually take care of itself. You’ve got a great start on the 4*'s you have maxed. I’d boost Kiril for sure and LJ if you’re not planning on doing any pulls in the near future. You do have enough shields to bring up both LJ and Kash if you really want to. Kash IS a good tank.

Are you planning to do any pulls during the guardians event next month? Jackal and Falcon are both very good 4 stars that you will be able to use as part of a duo against purple and green titans, respectively.

Well, I’d sure as hell level up Li Xiu asap since she’s ■■■■ irritating to go against.

I’d also skip Kiril now and get Alasie up and running. He can perfectly buff/heal as he is.

Li + John is a good combo. Usualy Li fires at least once in defense raids, two times more often than not, giving LJ the time to fill up and swing the axe by which point it’s all over.

I’d leave Kash for later because of above reasons.

Kiril John Li Tibur Alasie. Grimm for John is also a nice Defense team.

I strongly disagree with this advice. Li is irritating, yes, but she has almost no utility outside of defense. I ascended her and regret it. Especially when Kash is a better tank and already at 60. LJ has great tile damage and will be a staple on your Titan teams for a long time.

As to getting alas is going… well you could do that. Kiril is the better choice at this stage however. I’d only suggest working on Alasie if you have the capes to get her to at least 3/70, and after you bring up kiril and LJ.

To each their own.

Both Kash and Li are defense heroes. Yet Li is offensive defensive hero while Kash is pure outlast hero.

Kash buff is dispellable while -20% mana to all is pure nightmare.

Both have no particular use in titans, granted.

On top of that Li has more defense and considerably more attack. So you will use her regulary for when double color attacking.

Finaly, I’ve yet to fail against Kash tanks whereas vs Li I’ve had more defeats vs wins.

I don’t disagree with your assessment of the heroes. My point is that I would not spend any effort to improve the original poster’s defense at this stage in their development. Spending on offensive heroes that are useful for titans is of paramount importance. Bringing LiXiu up from 1/1 at this point is not recommended while there are more offensive-minded heroes to work on - i.e. LJ and Chao. Kiril just helps everyone.

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Ascended Kiril and LJ. Thanks everyone for replying.

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