What makes a good team?

I’d like to think I have a good defence team but I’d like some advice anyway.
Currently my team from left to right is:

Wu, Sartana( not maxed), Kashhrek(not maxed), Grimm and Wilbur.

Those are all good heroes, but not all ideal for defence.

Wu is a bit of a liability because he has low defence. With him in the corner, he’ll charge quite late and probably be irrelevant. He’s not a great defender.

Similarly, Wilbur is a fantastic hero but is there to support others. He will also charge slowly in the corner and his special is pretty pointless if he’s left till last.

Kasshrek is a very good tank and should definitely be in the centre.

Sartana is an excellent sniper and makes it into a lot of teams.

Grimm hits hard and his defence debuff is really good. He is quite squishy too - can you give him emblems?

Who else do you have?



Grimm Kash Wilbur Sarta Wu

Wu could/should be replaced by Li or Chiao (or another holy) soon, since he doesn’t play well in defense.

Hello Jonah, it is good to see you again. I use to be in Guardians.

I can give Grimm emblems for sure.
Who else do I have?

The only 4* that is maxed is Little John. Unlevelled are: Cyprian, Li, Tiburtus, Hu Tao, Caedmon,Gormek.

Leveled 3* are: Bane, Balthazar, Berden, Brienne,Belith, Friar,Azar, Hawkmoon,Gato, Melia,Ulmer,Tyrum,Oberon,Valen,Gunnar,Carver,Jahangir.

Hi @Phoenix13, didn’t recognize your new hairstyle :wink:

Li is good on defence, when she’s ready.

Definitely give @Olmor 's idea a go to see if it keeps you more cups. Try dropping in LJ for Kash if you put Wilbur in the centre.


Wilbur was even more annoying in tank position below 2k cups than Li.

If you are mainly concerned about defense, Gormek has a pile of HP, which usually ensures that he lives long enough to fire his special and give you a nice six turns of def down on three foes. If you choose not to give your barbarian emblems to Grimm, you can make Gormek even more durable by going the def/HP route with his emblems. This is what I have done. Love my Meat Mountain, Gormek.


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