Trial&Error is recruiting!

Hey guys! Thought I’d try this out instead of flooding global.

I have a vision of a group to have a strong foundation of friendship. I don’t just want some people to come in and feel pressured to just attack the titan everyday. I want friends. I play this game A LOT and I would like to meet some people to enjoy the game with. I’m a pretty experienced player and would like to incorporate war strategy and advance in Titans ASAP. Anyone that intends to play on a regular basis is more than welcome to join. What matters here is that we all like to play this game and we all want to advance the best that we can.

LINE chat groups are a great way to keep in touch and share each others experience in the game and also show off good loot that we come across. My LINE ID: Patroclus93.
We are looking forward to fighting with you and knowing you for your individuality. Please come and give us a shot and spread your knowledge so that we can all benefit!

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