Recruiting friendly faces :)

Our alliance has been a testament of time, surviving through the years of this game’s twists and turns. At the moment, we are looking to gain new members and would love to have you! We’re a very friendly bunch looking for dedicated but also chill people. We have a strong core of long term, committed members (3+ years) and are willing to help new players, or team up with experienced players looking for a new home. We need a few more members to get our titans back up and we hope you’re up for the challenge.

We don’t have a lot of rules, but we require participation if you choose to fight in wars, and we ask you to hit the titans when you can. Hit us up and feel free to stay a while!

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Oooh, Some of us are looking to move around ~ how chatty are your group? And do you chat mostly in-game or Discord/Line?? We have enjoyed a tight-knit, chatty group with real heart for years and seek some new game friends. We are here half for the online community and half for the game, tho we are all reliable, adult players.


We would love to have y’all :blush:
We can be chatty at times for sure! If people have questions several of us like to give thought through responses to help out and all that. We do have a discord we use to chat as well and share with each other too. It does need mention though that we all are adults and sometimes it does go a bit quiet when we get busy with life and such. But we all stick around and strike up conversation when we like :wink:

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Same, we chat and play. No stress. Just hit titan and use war flags👍🏼 RockeyRampage