Master List of E&P Links & Player Guides

How about @Grumpigamer Titan Team Composition and tile damage guide? Unfortunately I don’t have a link to the active project but maybe if we asked real nice? :wink:One of my favourite resources!

I cannot say what an awesome help this thread has been to my alliance. Thanks to everyone who added to it.
Thanks to @Rook for pulling it all together!!
Usually the 1st thing a new member gets, bombarded with helpful info :wink:


There is a player who brain-childed it; they have since removed their name from it, but I consider them the originator. :+1:


@rook here are a couple that I think may be missing:

A E&P Hero Database:

Summon/ Pull Simulator

Updated “Count to X” link:

A to Z game:

Titan Loot:

Titan Damage Boosters:

Costumes FAQ’s:

Levelling a Costume (Exp & Materials Required):

Mistakes to Avoid with Costumes:

2020 Sneak Peak:

Beat Beat:
V26: 🧪 The Beta Beat (v26) – Season 3 Heroes, Path of Valor, Costumes v2, Feb/Mar/Apr HOTM – Sharing the Big Picture on What's Going on in Beta
V25: 🧪 The Beta Beat (v25) – Path of Valor, Dec/Jan/Feb/Mar HOTM, Bug Fixes – Sharing the Big Picture on What's Going on in Beta


Thanks @Guvnor! I like including stuff that will help ALL players, and I think most of this falls under that heading. :thumbsup:

(It’s laborious to add it, so give me a little time. :wink:)


hey @Rook,

I created a couple of things for players to use, hope maybe they’re good enough that you’d consider adding it to this amazing compilation of player guides.

Hero Appendix

Training Camp Calculator

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I just re-pinned it. Thanks! :wink:


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Yeah. I’d show you my schedule book, but then I’d have to kill you. :grin:

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Hey @Guvnor see PM for questions on some of these…

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Updated - Now includes:

  • E&P Hero Database
  • Summon Simulator
  • Count to 20…
  • A-Z Topic…
  • Titan Loot Data Farming
  • 2020 sneak peek
  • Beta Beat - Season 3 (V26)
  • Beta Beat - Path of Valor (V25)

Still to EDIT:

  • Move Classes to their own section

Still to ADD:

  • Titan Dmg Boosters
  • Costume threads (3, under new for now
  • Hero Appendix*
  • Training Camp Calculator*
    *checking these out.

Delete 2019 sneak peak.


I’m working on an update on the Costume FAQs currently to be in line with the new 2020 stuff. :slight_smile:


Hola ! Me podrías decir cada cuantos titanes normales sale un titan especial ? Desde ya muchas gracias !!!

moderator edit and reminder that English is the official forum language.

Hello ! Could you tell me how many normal titans a special titan comes out? From already thank you very much !!!

I haven’t seen an exact number. They only come after beating a titan. I’ve seen it noted at about +/-8 titan wins.


What is there in particular, information that is not available here?

I should delete the game, is in your last sentence? Why is that there?

Where is the diary please? and why do you want to kill us if you reveal the information? I thought there was support and information about what was going to happen and when.

It’s in German…that’s the point.