Top 300 alliance needs a new Olympian


I don’t know how to use code or HTML or anything to make post fancy and I don’t know how to make this seem different from all the other recruitment posts…


I know that our alliance is top 300, regularly kills 9* titans, has a 36-8 war record, gets players into global top 100 regularly and is a generally cool place to develop and become a better player.

Search “Olympians” and come join us. We’re cool.


Adz is right, we are cool - give us a try.

Just the right combination of energy, enthusiasm, camaraderie and fun.

The goldilocks Alliance - not too gung-ho, not too slack, JUST RIGHT!


Olympians - not the Ancient Greek kind, the buff athletic kind.

And we have an in-house bartender

If you’re committed to growing your game, we’re the crew for you

Search Olympians


See. We’re not even paying Rich to say all this stuff and he’s still being nice about us! That’s how cool we are.

P.S - Search Olympians and join us


Maybe it’d help if we said a bit about the type of player we’re looking for:

  • Active on titans and wars
  • Willing to chat in game and on Discord
  • Can help others and offer advice
  • Ready to learn and keep building stronger team
  • Team power above 3500ish
  • Trophies above 2000ish

Happy to lower the power and trophy requirements for the right person. It’s more about being part of a growing alliance and helping us push for top 200 than being a Merc for a few titans.


We just took down a 10* titan and across our alliance we managed to pick up 2 royal tabards, 1 damascus blade, 1 compass and a hidden blade. That’s just from 8 members!!!

Come join us and get your share of 10* titan loot!!!


Still looking for the right person to join us and start collecting all the lovely feathers, oil and rope you could ever want from titans and the exciting new war chests…


This is a fantastic Alliance.

If you play regularly and want to keep growing in the game, you won’t regret joining.

Search for Olympians, Leader: Daniel



Come check us out!

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This post is that relevant and important, it deserves a little bump.

Don’t miss the chance to join

Olympians, Leader - Daniel

:grin: do it