Might of Olympus - Old Alliance Looking for Members or a Merger

Might of Olympus has been around for a looong time, and in terms of rankings we’ve broken the top 200 a couple times but have probably been around 300-350ish most of the time when we were at 30/30 members.

We’re down to 18-20 active members, mostly due to the state of the game and people quitting for good. However, the core of our remaining members have all been together for years. We’re still farming 14* titans and doing ok in wars, though it’s getting tougher as our size decreases.

We’re looking either to absorb a chunk of players from another disbanding alliance, or to have our core absorbed into another solid alliance looking for 10+ members.

We’ll also glady take any individual players interested in joining to try and build back up to 30. We’re pretty flexible on power, but you should at least have 2400+ trophies and a 5* defense team and be willing to play daily and use war flags.

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There are plenty of really nice alliances out there your core group can join. I suggest sending out a scout to see what kinds of fit you can find, then gradually melt the 2 alliances together.
Good luck!
Unfortunately, Dragon Cohort TMA cannot take all of you.
@Carolinagirl might be able to help you

Thanks for the guidance. We’re looking into that.

We’re also seeing if we can just find some active/dedicated players individually, even lower level/power ones. Even though basically all of our members at this point have played for years and most have 6000+++ power teams, we’ve always been willing to take people below that and help them progress and power up. Really, as long as someone can maintain over 2400ish trophies and can field a somewhat competent 5* defense team, we’re game.

But it’s tough out there right now. Most of the people we’ve lost in the last few months quit E&P entirely after feeling burnt by all the power creep and greed and whatnot. It’s not easy to find veteran players with at least a couple years under their belt when so many alliances have holes from people quitting.


That is a very true statement. It’s one of the reasons I tagged Carolinagirl, she is one of the recruiters for a family of alliances with massive resources available. I thought maybe she could help you and your family find a place to thrive. As far as finding players to join your alliance…It’s a difficult path you’ve chosen my friend and I wish you the best of luck.

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Tostito - I’m in Vexed Guardians. We have a family of alliances. Although we are at 24 right now, I believe Guardians Reborn has 10 slots to keep your core together.

Are you on Line? If so, my tag is Dulok Empires. Drop me a line and let’s see if we can work something out.

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Hi, our Alliance is in the same situation as yours and know a merger of similar players is the way to go. We used to peak up into the top 100 on rare occasions, but typically we’re in too 300 when full. Weare fairly causal, kill all Titans, and require war flags to be used. We are ffa as well, but being experienced players ask all to make smart choices when attacking.

Please check out Serenity at Last and let me know if you’d like to chat more to see if we are a good fit. We have a few players that are just hanging around to help when possible these days, so I think we could make the numbers work.

Tostito - I just wanted to add to my comment above that, not only could we accommodate 10+ members in one of our alliances, but we could likely find places for all your members.

The alliances in the Guardians family are:

Guardians Reborn - our flagship - aiming to crack the top 100 again

Vexed Guardians - a bit more relaxed than Reborn, but still competes on a high level

Guardians of the Deep - about the same as Vexed

Guardians of the North - also chill but competitive

Guardians Rising University - training alliance

Guardians Country Club - for those who still enjoy gameplay but are tired of the rat race

Guardians Valhalla - retirement alliance

Check us out and see if any of our alliances would be a good fit.

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