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We are Poseidon’s Warriors. We fight 9* titans and just lost some members due to game frustration. We have 9 spaces open and are looking for new members or a possible merger. Recently we were a top 5k alliance with all members using all flags on titans and in war. We are friendly and competitively casual. We only ask that you use all flags if opted into war and hit the titan.

Can you tell me more about your alliance rules. We have a small alliance potentially looking to merge into another alliance or have several experienced players move over.

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The alliance is pretty laid back. Our cups are set to 1200 but I can reduce that number for those who will consistently be active in war and hitting the titan. Our leader is fair and active. The alliance has been together for a long time but we have members with a wide range of strengths. We were in the top 5000 of alliances before some of our members left. We are all fairly active and hit the titan consistently. Using war flags is important and you risk being demoted if flags are missed consistently without explanation or it happens to often. 8* titans last less then 12 hours while 9* titans can take the whole amount of time to take down. We struggle with 10* titans but with more members they would be no problem. The lowest ranking member is at level 39 and the highest is at 69. We don’t require cups be maintained at a certain level so cup dropping is fine. As of right now we do not have a coordinated tank color for war, but that might change in the future. We are fine with new players our only concern is that the titans we fight are tough and we don’t want to discourage new players. We have members who are chatty and members who don’t chat at all. Our member are mostly from the US but we have more then a few from other countries. We are about having fun but keep the chat clean. We celebrate our members accomplishments. Overall we are a family of members from different places that come together to play the game.

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