Top 100 alliance Darkness^Light seeks 30th member

Sadly one of our long time players left today :frowning:

As such we’re looking to fill the space, if you have 2200 trophies, use all flags and are keen to join a competitive but fun emglish speaking group, please let me know.

Any wiggle room on trophy count? Im around 2000-2200 depending on tiles I get :smiley:

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Hey i just replied to you on kimg of north thread lol are you on line? Im happy to check with the leader, might be OK

Sure am. May I join? stiffy1982 chat on there, will help if you can give me an idea of your total team and ill speak to leader, im just the recruiter lol hahha

Not sure how to add to chat in the game. I’ve got line tho

That is my line ID :slight_smile:

We are currently 103rd place alliance with only 29 players!! We are all active and very competitive. We like to laugh, grow and have fun, daily. Come join us and help us stake down that permanent top 100 spot!!! ARE YOU THE ONE? Come on in and find out!