Top 100 alliance looking for new recruits

Hi, I’m a member of a top 100 alliance, not permanent fully established top 100 yet but we sway between a rank of 70 and about 110.

Currently we need 1 or 2 dedicated players to held us take down all of the 10 stars, which mean we establish ourselves at the top.

Its an english speaking group, predominantly US but with UK and some europeans and wider world members as well.

We dont have any spaces ‘yet’ but if the right players wanted to join, we could potentially make a space as a few not dedicated enough.

What do we need?

Ideally 2200 average trophy count
Strong first team and other maxed teams useful for wars
Keen to chat on line and discuss strategy
Use all titan flags and war flags, plus want to develop

We are not a crazy competitive group that require you to spend but we are not a relaxed ‘who cares’ group either, we like a chat and a laugh but want to win crazy wars against the best too.

Does this sound like a team for you?

Check us out Darkness^Light




Bumpety bump bump bump

Bumpy baby bump bumpy bumo we still.looking, come and get in touch dont be shy

Did you try 8-7? :wink:


Im confused???

Bad joke. Sorry. 8-7 is a great place to farm recruits in game, but won’t help you fill your alliance. Best of luck :slight_smile:

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Ahhh I get ya lol.