Darkness^Light needs one player

Darkness^Light seeking one active friendly player. Primarily 10* titans with a run at an 11*. Winning 90% of our AW matches. 2000 trophy requirement, 70k damage on titan with 5 hits preferred, Line chat a must
Come grow with us!

Hi Gsgal,

I’m thinking of leaving my alliance. i’m getting a bit fed up with some members not participating in wars.
We have lost a few members over this already, so getting harder to finish titans.
I’m currently on level 37 (78%),
defense team 3459 - I have 14x 4* fully ascended, another 10 needing final ascension, 8x 5* at various stages and a further 25x 4* waiting to start training.

Trophies 2181
Highest titan damage 42242
highest trophies 2418 - currently 2208
strongest titan defeated Onyx Dragon 10*

Let me know if I am what you are looking for.

Go ahead and search for us and request to join.

Hi Legion, you sound like what we are looking for. .active daily with strong titan and war contribution. We are a very friendly group, most of us have been together 6+ months. If interested just search us in the game and request to join

I don’t know how to request to join.
I can find you in search but I can’t see anywhere you join.

I believe you need to leave your current alliance first before you see the join button.

That is correct once you leave your current alliance there should be a join button which will send us a message u want join

Come join the fun hitting 10* titans and laying waste in war arena.

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Bump for new recruits!