Top 10 players

They look shiny and glorious up there. I am struggling to make it to top 10,000. What can I do to get to top 10 without spending a ton?

Nothing,even if you spend a ton you will need more


Getting there is not the issue…if you have a decent roster of even vanilla 4’s and 5’s, maybe use some bottles for filling raid energy and reroll your opponents to match the one’s you’re probably beating, you should be able to get there.

Staying there is close to impossible since as soon as you’re going offline, you’ll be attacked like hell :grin:


When I reached #1 I did it without having the full rosters of whales. Lucky boards, mono and couple raid flasks. To reach #1 is actually much easier than what you think.

Choose your battles wisely and using the right team, coupled with some board god rng love and you can make it.

Fact: You do however need some strength in your bench.


Yeah just listen to the tips on here. Only thing I’ll add is that you’ll need some raid flasks to help you get there.


I got mine Global #1 on my 1st year anniversary in the game, using mono team of 3700 TP. Feelings was incredible and never gonna forget it. Gotta add i am 100% free to play. So that makes it even more amazing for me.

Of course i could set a higher TP team if i used rainbow but we all know it wouldn’t get me nowhere near even top 100.


Once you’re in the Top 10, they don’t even wait for you to go offline! But it’s not that hard for me. I just don’t expect to stay there for long


It’s actually not that easy though :joy:
When your trophy count gets high, you are raiding tougher teams for a lower return on trophies. You will win 6 trophies and lose 54 trophies. Plus people are raiding you while you’re online. Your defense is what will carry you to #1 these days. Plus a healthy win streak on the offensive, against the toughest possible teams the game can offer. If you lose once, ah better luck next time.


Save millions food for reroll and 10 raid flasks…

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I agree with one exception.
It is extremely annoying when you are like 10 cups from top and then people attack you while you are still online doing another Raid. This has never been fixed.


The above advice is for reaching the top 10 very very briefly. If you want a team that will stay top 10 for at least 2-3 hours while offline you will have to spend at least 4 craptons of money.

MOM, GET THE CAMERA!! I was #2 globally! :smile: Didn’t actually realize it :open_mouth:

To answer your question tho: You probably need a solid 5* defense that keeps you around 2500-2600 cups. Then a solid attacking team (preferably many to counter your opponent in the best way possible - or mono :roll_eyes:) and maybe a couple of raid flasks and a litte bit of luck. :smile:


Getting there isn’t the issue. Staying there is nearly impossible


Ha ha aint that the truth!

They changed it cause people would stay online through emulators in order to not be raided.


Correction … not nearly, it is impossible.

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Thanks for all the tips guys. I am not even worrying about staying anywhere right now. I will try mono.

This game is all about longevity you can try spend your way to the top , but the real reality is enjoy the process win, lose cups , change alliance learn the game and strategies and tactics, agonise of not having enough asc mats gain a bunch of Hero’s and move up the ladder but keep your vision Good luck

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Other than using raid flasks, one trend you will see for the top players is their troops are usually maxed out or close to it and they also have very high (or maxed) emblem levels on their defense team heroes.

What that means is that their teams are very difficult to beat (goes with out saying right?) and have staying power on top of the charts.

It also makes it a lot easier for them to beat up on others. :ghost:

I believe maxing troops is a big money hole

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