I lose 70-100 trophies every night

The title says it all - my defense team does not seem to be working. Can y’all give me some tips or ideas to help this group? I have been running Boldtusk, Joon, Boril, Red Hood and Caedmon…and not doing well. Any help?

Hi @BigDaddyLewis77

What level of cups do expect to keep? Maybe you’re doing better than you think.

You should expect to lose cups every night if you are raiding successfully during the day.

Because you’ll push your score up past your natural rank with your victories and make yourself a tempting target for more powerful teams that can earn plenty of cups from you.

It’s built into the raiding system.


I’ve lost over 500 in a night. The better you get, the more you can lose. The game is designed like this so everyone has a shot of climbing to the top 100. If your defence was better, so would be everyone else’s and the top 200 players would be almost unbeatable. No one would enjoy that.

That said, there are odd nights when my defence goes on a crazy winning streak and takes me from 250th or so up into the top 100.

Three times I’ve watched as my team has climbed from less than 200th into the top 10. Once I got to 6th overall without doing any raids of my own… once I got to 8th and once 10th. Several other times it’s popped into the top 25…

… but invariably then will come the BIG drop.

Anytime I make a run for the top spot overall and crack the top 10, the fall is huge 300-450 cups normally.

The worst I’ve seen is when I cracked 3000 cups and then logged off for a full night - 528 cups gone.


This is good knowledge. I typically go to bed with about 2450 cups - is that normal for a 4020ish team?

Thanks for the replies!

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That’s a good effort, because you’re collecting diamond chests.

But I would suggest that team with three 4* is unlikely to stay in diamond overnight, even with all the emblems.

I’d say that you’re just where you should be.

Try mixing up your defence for fun, you’ll still be able to raid into diamond.

Is this your current formation?

Try swapping Joon and BT

And give kadilen a go next to boril

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