[Tool] Alliance War Team Planner (ESPAÑOL)

Hey there,

since I wasn’t sure using two languages was allowed here I decided to post the tool directly in the Foreign Language forum:

After the given ok we started working on the translation of the amazing 7DD AW Planner Tool so the Spanish community could benefit from it aswell. After some finetuning it’s now working as intended. Enjoy!

Decided to post a link via Guides Forum in case a Spanish speaker may show around, also, so I could post something more understandable for the original creators and collaborators of this tool! So now…

Many thanks @AzraeL804 , @Scndstar, @Ritopo, @Avicious, @Melchior, Torn and others that have helped with the creation and testing of this tool.
Many thanks to @Anchor, @Xero786, ScndStar, @Arien and @Boarasaurus for the hero grading data.
Many thanks to @Petri for giving us permission to use game content.
And many thanks to the alliance Grilluminatti and other collaborators for helping with the translation of this tool.

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