Alliance Organizational Tools

If anyone is willing to share, I would be interested in any tools anyone has for the following:

  1. Alliance member rosters
  2. War planning
  3. War tracking or execution
  4. Individual member stats (more for people to use on themselves if they want)
  5. Anything you feel is really useful.

Thanks and cheers!

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This is what I have for war tracking and other things

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Don’t know what you mean with war planning?

This is something I use it’s created by Melchior

@Ragan This is awesome! Thanks!

War planning meant anything related to determing how to structure our defense, which teams shoukd be attacked first, even something like who will be online together at times during the war to coordinate attacks.

Thanks again!

Shall see what I got

I am making something at war planning

@ProtonPack here it is

Hit me up on line shadow_ragan or discord Ragan#2516