Tome of Tactics advice please

Exclusively f2p, so looking for quality advice.

Just doing stocktake today and noticed I only have 4 Tomes of Tactics on the shelf.
Looking ahead, which of my 5-Stars do you think are worthy of one (as a priority)?:
Joon 3/80
Lianna 3/52
Yang Mai 3/30
Quintus 3/37
Leonidas 3/1
Yunan (c) 2/60
Elena 2/50
Elradir 1/1.

For 5-Stars already at Tier 4, I currently have:
Mother North

For 4-Stars (all MAX’d), it’s:
Li Xiu (c)
Melendor (c)
Tiburtus (c)
Boldtusk (c)
Little John (c)

I have my own ideas, but thought I’d seek some quality advice here on the forums as I can’t afford to waste my mats.
I have Hero Academy, but only at L4 and Alchemy Lab, but only at L6.
I generally play quite defensively and most often sink my emblems into defensive lanes to play the long game, so I’ve favoured healers and reflectors, at least in the past. Accordingly, Mother North and Gandalf are the most common Heroes in my teams.

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I would go either with Lianna (probably the best S1 hero) or Joon, a good sniper, but fragile, since you don’t have a holy 5*


Hi @Marybob

Looking at the heroes you listed, I would do Joon first, then Yang Mai. Joon because you’re lacking a legendary yellow, and Yang because she is a lot better than Reuben. After that, I would consider waiting to see who else you pull while building resources and mats. Joon will give you a rainbow of legendaries and Yang will enhance it.

I think Elradir is a bit of an underrated star. Amazing when paired with duplicate Elradirs, but perfectly capable when used without. He would give your other greens a nice mana boost if you like to stack greens.


I would go Joon for the yellow, then elradir and lianna before hanging on to the last one for the future.

Joon as @Exceleron says will give you a rainbow 5 star team and he is a good sniper.

Lianna as another top sniper.

Elradir as other than Rigard ( unless I’m missing something :thinking:) you are short on cleansers. Elradir can be a quasi cleanser on other war teams for you in the same way as Reuben can at least reduce DoT you take on a 3rd.


As others have already said I would do joon. He is already at 3.70 and you are missing yellow.

Yang Mai, Elradir and lianna are also nice.

But what I would really recommend, if that’s all your maxed 4* heroes and not just some examples, is leveling more 4*. You don’t need as many mats and you can do easy 2 or maybe 3 4* heroes in the same time you do a single 5*. You need war depth, not one or two more 5*.

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Thanks, everyone.
I’ve thought really hard about what you’ve all said and I agree that Quintus is definitely the next 5-Star for me to Ascend :+1::+1::+1:

Just kidding, I’ll continue with Joon, which was the original plan before I noticed I was running low.

I have a spare Sartana and Elena kicking about. I’m definitely looking at retraining Elena when I [eventually-] finish my HA. I may retrain Sartana, too.
Thanks for the opinions about Lianna. She’s been eating all my Greens for me for a few weeks now, with the intention to get her at least to 3/70 in the short-term. I figured Elradir was going to be useful as I picked him up on a bonus HOTM pull, but haven’t seen him around anywhere. I guess that only means he doesn’t make the cut for Raid Defence.

Yes, those are indeed the only 4-Stars I have MAX’d out. My biggest problem is (thanks to global warming!) I only have one 5-Star Ice Hero and two 4-Stars. The other is Grimm at 3/30. I’m finishing Magni first (as he’s only got 10 levels to go), then look to Grimm to replace Valen. Then I need a couple more to replace Nordri and Gunnar, too! It’s a real pain in the Ice having such a weak Blue roster.


Joon Lianna and yang are easy ascensions for me.
Fourth tomb I’d be between yunan costume and elradir.


That was exactly my plan before I realized I was short of Tomes. I then panicked, because I thought “What if I get super-lucky and pull an absolutely amazing 5-Star that I can’t ascend? :open_mouth:

I wouldn’t worry about that too much. Worst case you get a time every ~70 days from rare quests.

Maybe start with 1-3 heroes at a time just so you’re more flexible. But as a fellow f2p it’s hard to imagine I would have ever had so much luck that my first joon or Lianna would still be on the bench.

I have at least one copy of every season one five start fully leveled except for three. Two I don’t have. One I just recently got. I’ve been blessed with some luck but not enough to ignore season one heroes.


In my honest opinion, I would focus on both Joon and Lianna. Get them to max try to go to +9 with emblems first and then take it from there.
Then come back with your updated 5* roster

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I would do Joon, Lianna and Mai too.

Don’t worry too much about Tomes you’ll get one more very soon in early September.

Thanks again, guys, for pointing out the fricken obvious: I do only need one Tome per 5-Star and the rare quests that award them are indeed frequent enough. I guess I just worry they might stop handing them out regularly like that in the future.

Yes, I have been super lucky, getting Morher North, which significantly delayed my training of Lianna, besides which, I’m a defensive player, so put less priority into an offensive 5-Star Iike her when (initially) mats were even scarcer than they are now.

Thanks for giving me perspective; it’s exactly what I was asking for and exactly what I needed! :grin: