Need advice for my 5* Team

Hi everybody,

my main offensive team currently consists of
green - Mother North (80/18)
red - Reuben (80/5)
blue - Kiril (75/20)
purple - Ametrine (70/20)
yellow - Wu Kong (70/20)

Further i have Clarissa(80/13) maxed, which i use in defence most (Ametrines dispelling is actually to valuable to me in offence)

I have several 5* heroes at 3/70 waiting and can’t decide which to max now.
Reds 5* (1x ascending material ready)
Elizabeth, Khagan (2x)
Blue (1x ascending material ready)
Frosth, Magni (no costume), Richard
Green (1x ascending material ready)
Lady of the Lake, Yunan Costume, Bertila, Elradir, Kadilen
Yellow (2x ascending material ready)
Devana (2x)
Purple (1x ascending material ready)
Quintus (2x)

I tend to ascend Elizabeth (over Khagan) and Frosth (over Magni and Richard). Further i am going to ascend Devana.
I will not ascend Quintus - he looks to weak to me. Waiting for a better pull here…
Green - most likely Yunan first, then the Lady (as i have a lack of healers) but i prefer Mother North over her.

My main (offence) team will be:
Mother North, Elizabeth, Devana, Frosth and Clarissa (situational sometimes Ametrine but Devana dispels too)

Any other suggestions?

I will miss Wu Kong :cry:


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I tend to agree with your thinking. On long term I think is better to have Frosth over Magni/ Richard, but on the other hand you need a stronger hitter. But if you use Wu Kong, your tile damage will be more important, so Frosth works much better with with and long term his mana bonus is great.

The only thing I’d do differently is maxing Lady of the Lake first. I think she is much more useful than Yunan. Indeed you need hitters, but Yunan is slow and you will need time to fire him up. But considering that you already have Mother North, Yunan is also a good option.

Completely agree with Devana, Elizabeth and waiting on the Dark ascension.

What I did not get from your post is that you seem to use rainbow teams on attack and I would strongly advise to experiment with stacking colurs, at least 2-2-1 and 3-1-1.

Hello The_seeker,

thanks for your opinion.

You are right - i’m mostly using rainbow teams - i’ve experimented with some colour teams, but it didn’t went well so far.

In the long run, i will make a pure green team (as for my bunch of 5* heroes) - i have already Almur maxed for the nature debuff. Paired with Mother North, the Lady, Yunan and Bertila/Elradir it will be worth a try. But i guess it will take years to get that much tonics… As for 4* i have a maxed out Buddy, too.

My other heroes don’t seem to fit to well for stacking in my opinion.

And yes, you are right, i have no hard hitters other than Magni (and the slow Khagan/Bertila) - i guess i have to hack the games “summoning algorithmus” to change that…

You really have a good plan…stick to it. Only disagreement I have is Yunan over LOTL. Neither will replace MN or defense, and LOTL is very useful when Yunan is rather underwhelming to me. Wu Kong will always be there for titans, he’ll get use.


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Just pop in this thread to say: I have a maxed Costume Yunan, and I’d dump him so fast if I got LotL. :rofl:

That written, I’ve had more time to play with my Costume Yunan now, and he’s definitely better than I first thought. :slightly_smiling_face:

so, i advanced Devana and Elizabeth - and leveled the Lady - who is really great. So i’m going to advance her when she is ready…for blue - Frosth got the telescops and the team works really well together.

I pulled Chakkoszrot yesterday - but i guess i’ll have to wait for another purple hero…

Experimenting with Colour-Teams was the best advice from you - it’s really fun and functions now quite well. I guess in my first try i just hadn’t enough good heroes…

Thx for the advice…