Titans Torcheres, 1 spot available, 9* titans. 58% war win rate

Pretty laid back group. Only ask you opt out of war if you won’t be particiapting.

Missing the occasional titan is ok, as real life happens.

Use Line to communicate and coach, share screenshots and videos. Not a requirement but certainly adds to the sense of community.

Have a few members at roughly 2600 tp so you wont feel underpowered if you’re still relatively new to the game.

Feel free to hit me up on Line chat. LineID: Aelryc

Recently had a member have a baby and rightfully decide to scrap playing E&P for the next year or so to focus on their child. So we have an opening available again. Feel free to hit me up on Line App or here if youd like to discuss.

Edit: just opened our war chest again this past weekend so now is a pretty optimal time to get in on the fun.


Had a member drop out due to RL issues. So welcoming a new member

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