Looking for a few more Beasts! Battling 9* Titans & 6 flag War Hits a Must! 2 openings remain

Think you got what it takes? We are looking for a couple dedicated players for our alliance! Currently Battling 8&9* Titans. We are a Fun, English speaking, dedicated & competitive group with only a few rules! 1) Must be active daily to hit titans as much as possible! 2) Must be able to participate in Wars and use ALL of your war flags! (6 Teams!) 3) Only accepting long term members “players who plan on sticking around No newbies or looters!” Lastly we are all adults 18+ and speak freely in our group chat so if you get offended over dumb stuff then we are not for you! With that said if you meet those requirements and interested leave a reply. Alliance name will be given to those who prove to meet our expectations so we dont have a million requests from a bunch of chest looting alliance trolls!

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