Titans Misfits - TP 4000+ - SUPER casual! - 11 spots open!

Hi all, just like subject says, we are a super casual alliance looking for 11 more. We are part of a big family of alliances so you’ll have options further down the road as well as you grow!

  • 4000+ TP
  • 1400 cups required
  • Use all war flags (if opted in)
  • Line chat optional (not required, but certainly good to have - Line ID: Thorspan)

Let’s be real, life happens. We are not going to push you to hit every Titan but do please use all war flags if opting in. That’s it!

Please feel free to jump on in (we’ll accept join request even with out Line app if you put in message “Responding to forum ad” … thanks and hope to see you soon!

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