Rogues & Misfits- a very active & dedicated Alliance - 10-12 * titans -FULL

Hello! Thanks for taking a look!

~~ Rogues & Misfits ~~

We have one spot available for a daily, dedicated Player! A little about the opening:

  • 3800+ team power / 2000+/- cups but both are negotiable

  • We fight 10- 12 star titans. 10s don’t last long and with full flags neither do 11s :grin:

  • Everyone uses their flags for Wars and we strategize and try new methods each time if we can

  • We are a VERY active International Alliance with members from around the globe although chat is primarily English

  • With a full house we dip in and out of the top 100 as an Alliance and individually there is usually a few of us up there throughout the day

  • We use Line App as our primary info caching method :nerd_face: a plethora of knowledge freely shared

If this sounds like a right fit for you search for “Rogues & Misfits” in the Alliance search tab and hit that join button!

Or feel free to contact me on Line for more information. Line id: westcoastjunglist

Thanks again for taking the time to check us out! Tell em Baph sent ya! :smiley:


That sounds great! I’d check it out if I were single! :wink:

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We have 1 immediate open and 1 pending opening!

If interested please apply in game or contact me in Line @ westcoastjunglist


how do I make a post?

@ladythunder65542 Look us up in game in the Alliance search tab and click join :sunglasses:

thanks I have an alliance. Have fun

Cheers :grinning: enjoy !!!

We have a pending spot as one of our members has decided to break from the game. If interested reach out here or on Line…! Thanks!

2 spots open for daily players in a full participation Alliance! Currently on a 10*, next will be 11*! :grin:

Looking for new alliance, 4K team. Last alliance imploded, but used to doing 11-12 star titans. How to join?

@Sean4x Just search for " Rogues & Misfits" in the Alliance search tab in game and click the join button! Or contact me on line for more details! line id: westcoastjunglist


Can’t join if it’s invite only:) my name in game is just ‘sean’

@Sean4x Just click the join button and we will open the door for ya!

What language is the alliance mostly?

@Sean4x Primarily English

We currently have 1 open spot for a dedicated daily Player!

Currently battling a 11* Void Dragon

If your interested look up Rogues & Misfits in the alliance tab in game and click that join button! Thanks!

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My 440th day here and keep counting! :wink:
Join today!

Been here for about 3 weeks. Best alliance I’ve ever been with :grin:

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2 spots open for dedicated, daily players!

:sunglasses: :beers: :sunglasses:

For a looong long time (I can’t even remember) we have 4 spots open in this great alliance, if you’re interested, you’re more than welcome as a baby group (3-4) as well! :wink:

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