Titan's Grasp recruiting

5 slots open, killing 10* titans, purple tanks for war, req trophies 1600, discord Titan's Grasp

Are you a daily player?
Do you want Romans to go home?
Does your mother smell of elderberries?
Do you know where my car keys are?

If you’ve answered yes to one of these questions
Titan’s Grasp welcomes you.

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I’d be interested. Currently run 4300 TP, maintain 2400-2600 trophies. Working on 13th and 14th 5*. Existing alliance has essentially fallen off and barely killing 6* titan. I am usually A+ hitter. Look at JKam on Punisher Squad if interested.

Welcome aboard JKam!
5 more spots open :grin:

Only 3 more spots available - bring a friend… or an enemy :grin:

It’s been a great week!!! Picked up some new blood but we still have a couple spots open. Come check us out!!

One more spot open! Come and start the new PoV with us.

Hit us up!!! Fun and friendly with 1 spot left.

We have 2 last spots that have opened up!! If you are active and want to kick some ■■■ checks us out!!! Hitting 11 and 12* titans.

BUMP!!! Because we have 2 spots open!!

Bumperooo!!! Still looking to fill some spaces, now smashing 11 and 12* titans. Looking for committed players to use up all war hits and regular titan play!!!

Still looking to fill 2 slots!!!

We now have five slots again. Friendly and competitive. Come play with us

Hey hey hey, your friendly neighborhood recruiter. Life happened and some members had to go live a life, or raise kids, or something like that. Long story short, we chose to let our kids raise themselves just so we could ran our alliance. Pop by, hit some titans, blast opponents in war and maybe get a dblade or 2 while you are at it. We are giving blades out like candy. Peyyyccee.

We are still looking to fill some spots with ACTIVE players!!! Come for a visit, stay for a lifetime!!!

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