Titan's Grasp - Great alliance for mid to late game players

Alliance has a really solid core. Friendly, helpful and active. Required to use all hits if in war and rarely miss a titan

Titans: beating 9* titans and usually at least the first 10*. Haven’t missed a rare titan in many months. Getting first level of harpoon everytime and often hit level 2

War: Currently running purple tanks. Doing really well. Definitely winning more than we are losing. Just finished the war chect. Great time to join!

Player base: We have a variety of players mid-to-later levels. About half in diamond, rest in platinum. And one lower account, a son of one of our players. Also have a variety of levels of spending.

External chat: discord. Ask for server info upon joining. Not requiring discord but those that have it have benefitted from it.

Status: currently have 1 spot left! Current cup threshold: 1800.


One spot taken. Still two open.

did you guys strictly require members to play in titan attack and use up all six flags in wars? If yes I want in, have above 2900 force3 and 1600 force3, my former alliance would rather boot me than keeping those not attacking in wars and my current alliance not force members to be active in titan and war attacks

Yes Paul. We just did a little house cleaning. Sorry I missed your post earlier. Currently 5 spots open

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I am interested in joining

Alliance set at open. Feel free to visit.

Currently 4 spots open. Growing nicely. Entire alliance getting good bite on titans. Wars have been improving as well. Come join the fun

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3 spots open now. Come join the fun

2 spots left. Still time to join the fun

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2 spots open. Just took down our first 9* titans with several hours to spare. Barring any unforeseen departures, I think we have seen our last 7*.

This is a great allaince to join up with. Gettting stronger every month. 5 months ago we were just starting to beat the ocasional 6*. Now we just got our first 9*.

Pretty awesome group!!!

Very supportive and great folks :slight_smile:

3 spots open. Won last 5 of 6 wars. Really working together nicely. Join the fun!

Very good, active group. Taking down plenty of titans too :slight_smile:

Thinking of leaving my alliance. Hugest cups 2700. Def team 4103

*highest cups. Not hugest.

More than welcome to give it a go! Entry is set to open.

How does your team deal with people who don’t use their flags

We track titan and war results on discord. Missing too often results in being promoted to global

Still 2 spots open. Just flew through a war chest, new one starting right now. Great time to join. Attached a few pics showing activity