Titan Tier Rewards Question – do higher loot tiers with the same number of ascension mat rolls have higher percentage chances for unfarmable ascension mats?

I know how Loot tiers are calculated and I know the threshold of basically loot tier 8 and over gives 3 ascension mats. I’ve been trying to locate on the forums SPECIFICALLY does higher loot tiers give better % chance for rewards (3 and 4* ascension mats)?
Sorry if this is an old question but all I could find on titan rewards are complaint threads :rofl: : and what determines your Rank and Loot Tier.


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It’s actually loot tier 9. :slight_smile:

Yes, on average, though obviously any given loot result can be good or bad at any tier.

Here are some spots this has come up in discussion:

bonus: this has come up enough times that I get to quote solely @Kerridoc while still referencing multiple threads. :laughing:


Lol ty again @zephyr1 always on the ball.I actually read these! That’s why I didnt want to be an annoyance by restating it. I guess what I was looking for is if anything was really published as far as chances, for example loot tier 9 has a 1:20 chance for a 4* mat compared to loot tier 10 giving a 1:19.5 something along those lines.

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No, I don’t think anyone has ever accurately determined the exact drop rates for each tier.

It’s been suggested to do so before, but given that it’s clearly quite low, it would take a lot of data — I’m guessing likely thousands of results for each loot tier — to meaningfully discern the shift in drop rate for each roll at each tier.

@Garanwyn could probably estimate how many data points would be needed for a meaningful sample size with a high confidence.

A relatively small data set approach to this was logged recently in these spots:

A useful observation from the latter:


Ah thanks @zephyr1 I read some posts along the lines of these , I understand the info would be very difficult to process.
Basically we are currently killing 9*s and urging my allaince mates the break into B (loot tier x) because of the chances of better rewards (as they should strive for regardless) and having others withhold attacks .
Just wanted to make sure I was not giving out misinformation. :slight_smile:

What you ideally want is that as many people in your alliance as possible are in Loot Tier IX (9) or above.

On a 9*, that’s anyone in Rank C or higher — which is damage of at least 1% of the HP.

Rank B will indeed give Loot Tier X (10), which is useful for better odds, but not as big a win as the step up to 3 mat rolls in Tier IX. From what we know, the extra roll is a more meaningful impact than the increasing odds per roll as you climb tiers.

So it’s worth everyone getting into higher tiers who can, but you’re already in good shape just by killing 9* titans and making sure everyone is at least getting a C rank or above.


Is there a percentage that goes up of ascension materials as titan stars grow

As I understand it, the loot rolls don’t get better, but you get more of them.

I also had a similar question. I am curious to know if there is a difference between loot tiers. My two primary questions are:

  1. On the same titan are the chances for drawing AMs different at different loot tiers? For example, on a 9* titan loot tier 9 (C rank) vs loot tier 12 (A+ rank), both having 3 rolls.

  2. For same loot tier, is there different drop rate for AMs based on titan star? For example, loot tier 9 on a 6* titan (A+ rank) vs 9* titan (C rank).

Has anyone tracked these data?

Thanks in advance. :slight_smile:

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