What's the best titan loot tier to get 3* ascension items?


I currently need 3* ascension items (e.g. trap tools, orbs, hidden blades, fine gloves) while I have little use for 4* ascension items. We are currently battling 6* titans and I usually end up with an A (loot tier 8) or A+ (loot tier 9).

I wonder if it’s actually better to aim for loot tier 8 instead of 9 to maximize my chance for 3* items? Maybe tier 9 increases my chance for 4* items, but decreases the chance for 3* items?

Also, I have 5 compasses, but no fine gloves. Are fine gloves just harder to get, or is this a coincidence?

Your help is appreciated :slight_smile:


I have no idea actually, but haven’t gotten a 4* item from the titan yet. We are battling 6* and 7* and I mostly get A+, with the 7* I get more often 3* items, a few days ago I got gloves and a sturdy shield from one titan. That is my experience, I guess you should aim for the highest loot tire possible :grinning:


So far I know, it’s all random.
And I have more gloves than compasses, 4 gloves, 2 compasses!


Mystic Vision gave me more gloves than Titans, I had A+ 4 Dragons in a row (6*) and got no ascension material and players below me got some here and there so yeah…


Fine gloves are harder to get. I actually looked for mine in the harder Quests as they became available.

Loot Tier 8 is currently my favorite, but that’s short-sighted; you shouldn’t be seeking to limit your loot tiers and/or loot!


The harder quests spawn randomly I suppose? Or do I need to complete the common and uncommon quests to make them appear faster or more frequently? I currently skip them because sometimes, they don’t seem to be worth the world energy…


I feel they are random more or less, though I suppose they are on some kind of timer. I do the ones that have an item I need and ignore the rest. :wink:


I do them all, but they are the same for everyone, so if you don’t play them, it won’t affect appearance of rare quests.

I even do the iron quests when my storages are full, I think there is something wrong with me :joy:


You should change your nickname to “Iron Man” :grin:


When you click the gloves in your inventory, they say they can be found in Wanted Missions, Titan Battles and Challenge Events. (I want to also say Mystic Vision, but my memory is poor.)


Afaik, the chance for 3* and 4* ascension items increases for every tier, so go for Tier 13 for best results, if you can A+ a 10* :slight_smile:


Yes, mystic vision is left off of the tool tips for where items can be found.

And you definitely want to be cycling through the wanted mission chests! Take the time to do your raids, and fill the enemies chest as often as you can. The more of those you open, it seems there’s more chance of pulling one of the purple elemental chests that gives better loot.


Does anyone know, if the rare quests (that ones with the ascension items) will appear again, even if you finished all stages? And if so…when? :slight_smile:


They will when the rng gods decree