✧✧<~ Thunder Gods ~>✧✧ New active Alliance! Warlords & Titan Hunters Wanted! ;)

Hi, MassiveFishFingers here. I like long romantic walks down the beach and KICKING TITANS IN THE FACE!!!

✧✧<~ Thunder Gods ~>✧✧

We have experienced players on a new adventure! Make us apart of your adventure…Yes! Share new strategic ideas…Yes! Help face-kick titans…Yes! Become The One?..Maybe…possibly…kinda depends on your definition of The One really…

Trophies: 0
Inactivity limit: 2 weeks
Participate in wars and titan attacks
Extra: fun sense of humour :crazy_face:

See you in game :smiley:

Progress updates to come. Watch this space!

(Thanks for the advice Vinny00193!)

Maybe you should list your requirements for your alliance. Could help with all the questions that are going to come.

Closing per request of OP via flag.

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