The Wulfpack


Just-formed, wide-open alliance for your Titan-hunting pleasure. No trophy, requirements - come as you are and grow along with us!

All we ask is that you regularly pitch in on Titan hunts - a week or more of inactivity will get you booted to make room for fresh blood.

(OK, we have one other ask - don’t be a jerk in the alliance channel. If you haven’t got anything nice to say, just keep the channel clear and kill Titans. Simple enough, right?)

Hope to see you alongside us soon!

— Ajax.


Just freshening up this postt for any who may have missed it. Low levels welcome! Lots of slots left! There may be cake later! :slight_smile:


I’m New to the game, New to this forum, and interested in joining! I searched Alliances in the game, and Wulfpack is not found. Have you changed names?


The Wulfpack is still here:

Your autocorrect might be changing “Wulf” to wolf. Be sure you are spelling it correctly. :slight_smile:


thanks! I joined this morning. No clue why Wulfpack didn’t show last night


I think you have to search for “The Wulfpack” or something – anyway, I’m glad you found us! :slight_smile:


Another reminder that The Wulfpack (not just “Wulfpack”) is seeking new members! No trophy limits! Active players! Grow along with us! :slight_smile:


I’m going into PTSD rehab tomorrow. No idea how long I’ll be offline. DaneeTashtalee and DaneeTwo will be idle while I’m gone. Sorry for any inconvenience, and I look forward to coming back.