Isarnia or Thorne

Who would you level first

Isarnia all day any day. Her -defense debuff is devastating.


My vote is definitely Isarnia too


Plus one for Isarnia. I wish my TC20 trained her.


Isarnia! She’s a beast!


Isarnia without doubt , Thorne got decent buff but still not good enough , he hit harder which is similar as Marjana stats but with average mana + splash.

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Isarnia, not a slight doubt about it.
Thorne is just another 5 * ramming pulverizer with no buff/debuff. Higher damage though.

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Another vote for Isarnia. If she fires her special is an auto win.

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This is an exaggeration, of course.

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I asked the question for a friend expected a different response. Isarnia may fire her special in 20% of raids weak shield keeps her slow butt on far flanks where she can’t catch mana Thorne is out front catching bullets and firing not just standing there trying to look pretty

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Her defense isn’t very high, so my Isarnia isn’t on my defense team (wouldn’t put a Thorne there either), but she comes to every raid with me and alnost every titan (don’t have Wilbur).

Isarnia is obviously not a tank. However, putting her at an edge position of defense is a bad idea. Being slow she won’t get enough mana to fire her special. This means that in defense she can be at a flank (next to a tank). She can also be supported by a healer.
On the other hand, raid defense is not the only place where hero can be used. Isarnia’s special reduces enemy defense by 44% and lasts 6 turns. Grimm reduces defense only by 34%, Wilbur’s special lasts for 4 turns only.
Thorne is sturdy for sure, but this is his only advantage. His attack stat is very low.
End of the day, Isarnia is more valuable. Giving her emblems can increase her defense and health, by the way.


isarnia for sure. Thorne hasn’t got any speciality. i levelled him 3-70 and i wasted a fine glove and 4 warm capes!

While Thorne deals a bigger direct damage Isarnia will make you deal a lot more with her status aliment… and her direct damage isn’t a sneeze either :slight_smile:


Raid defense is the least important role in this game. You win with offense.

(War defense is more important than raid defense, by a lot, but most alliances have a preferred color. In any case, neither Isarnia nor Thorne are the best blue choices on defense; look to Frida, Richard or IsarniaAegir.)


With all my respect, is there a contradiction in this phrase?


She is my tank with red flanks and this team keep me over 2400 without raiding :relaxed:

Isarnia over Thorne. Not even close to me

Don’t underestimate thorne, He’s in a tank position can keep the diamond league.edited: 2400 cups.

That would be great!!! Never sae anyone with 3400 cups!! I want thorne now!!!

Joking i know you meant 2400.

About the topic Isarnia … even if you already had one full isarnia over thorne all day long