Thorne or Isarnia

Sub Isarnia for Thorne in that scenario and you’ll have 3 dead heroes and two considerably damaged. Granted, she is slow and will take a couple more tiles to charge…Isarnia is the way to go IMO.


My choice is Thorne.

You already have Frida and possibly Grimm if you want it.
Thorne would be a good mix and partners well with your other blues at average mana.

I am looking forward to his future costume and with his stats he can be incredibly difficult to take down sometimes. If you stack blue on offense, you can rest assured he won’t be taking a headshot.

BTW, he is my next blue project.


The king of white walkers.

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I havent but I know what u mean I used kiril frida and Grimm for the longest and when I was smaller I had my second frida in there too.

Id go Aegir too, i actually fight Aegir with Aegir, usually theres a red flanking, so i take blue mono coz my greens arnt that good

Keep in mind, Grimm is cheap but his assless leather daddy look doesn’t do much for his armor class - a lot of times he barely has time to get out a single ‘oh! Jesus Christ! Before suffering a grisly demise -

I wouldn’t pin all your hopes and dreams for defense down on him as you get higher up -

Thone hits hard but so does a lot of cards you might pull - and someone like Richard has secondary function Thorne lacks

Think about it, scopes take a while to gather and don’t get too hung up on the perfect combo … what you need is always going to be one less than you have :slight_smile:


Agree , Grimm 8/10 gets shot before he goes off


I actually replaced Grimm with Frida in my mono blue.

My previous argument that Gormek is better than Grimm in current meta still stands in some older post.


Thanks all, it wasnt an easy decission


Over Wilbur? (Assuming you put them in thunderdome )

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Nope. Wilbur is still the best.

But amongst the pulverizing trio, Gormek is the best.


Didnt take long


Yay!! Congrats. Enjoy her.

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So fast. That must be the magic of those trainer heroes in Black Friday.


Haha, just one. I had heaps of 3* trainers saved from the trials and over 500 feeders in the bank :blush:

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Hi guys and girls, I have the same doubt.
Thorne or Isarnia, but my roster is another history.

They`re my 2nd (Thorne) and 4th (Isarnia) 5*
I have the mats for both, but I have Vela in mind for January.
What should I do?

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Well that’s just greedy :sweat_smile:

I’d suggest waiting

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Ascend Isarnia and wait and see if a got Vela
Or ascend Thorne and wait and see if a got Vela…

(I’m planing for at least x40 pulls between Guardians and Atlantis)


20 dumb logical characters

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