Lord Loki Emblem Path?

I use Lord Loki for my main team for offense as well as for defense (raids, wars, tournaments, pve).
Im free to play, so i dont have better heroes anyway. So my question is how to best use emblems to make him an allrounder for everything. I have 1600 wizard emblems, so enough to bring him to +20.

  • Attack Path
  • Defense Path
  • Hybrid

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wow, thats a close race :smiley:

I voted defense path because you won’t always copy offensive specials or ones that rely on the attack stat, but you want him to be alive as long as possible to make the best use of his skill.

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I think I prefer defense as well, because I already have Gefjon and Joon as Snipers.
And usually you don’t want to copy fast sniper skills with Loki, but rather slow skills that do status ailments or other utility effects.


I would and will choose a mixture. He has good base stats already, so making him a Jack of all trades is literally what he needs, in my eyes, because sometimes he copies an attacker, sometimes a healer…

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I think I have solved every 5* emblem path.

For Loki: right, left, right, right, right, right and left

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