Advice emblem path

Hi All! Please help me to choose path of emblem for my heroes!

Thank you very much :grin:

For Almur and falcon I’d go def>hp>att, you want them to live as long as possible to use that great elemental def down.

For the others I’d go att>def>hp


Yeah I went defence on falcon his attack isn’t why you need him, it’s the elemental down let your other fire heros do the damage.
Plus higher the titan the harder they hit so he needs to stay alive.

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For Almur, Jott and Falcon I went sword path, because I want highest titan damage as possible and it’s good for events too. Probably I’d do same for Mist too. Not sure about Fura

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Thanks, but i think G.Falcon has highest defense in here, and he is paladin with protect, is he need more defense ?

I agree with almur.

He just doesn’t hit that hard anyway. Primary usage is Titans, and most important thing is he is alive for his debuff. So I think attack buff is wasted

Hey, it’s just my opinion

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