The Misfits of Death☠ currently has openings. Looking for lost souls, frustrated heroes and new players (1000 trophy minimum). 100% war perticapation required if opted in. And hit those titans. 3 missed titans/wars in a month gets the axe

Keeping it relevant :dragon_face::dragon_face::dragon_face::dragon_face::dragon_face::dragon_face:

We have open spots come join us for some fun

Opening for a laid back group who take killing titans and war seriously. New comers welcomed

War perticapation getting you down? Lack of hits on the ole titan from your alliance? Players not giving a hoot ? Then we have the cure for your blues. Join the Misfits of Death for an interactive experience, you won’t be sorry.

Come on in and give us a try. Laid back active group taking on all types.

You only want to hit titans we are fine with that just opt out of war. Come check us out we have openings and accept all who ask.

This is what 100% perticapation looks like

We are the OG Misfits of Death, join us as we continue to dominate our opponents and crush titan skulls

Always recruiting and making a stronger faster steve austin

Help us take it to the next level

Looking for new members to help us take it to the top

Playing for 4 months, lvl34, trophy count varies from 1,3k to 1,6k. Do you have still spots open?
969 successful raids, daily active, 7* Titan highest kill, current alliance mostly casual players.

Yes we do and you are more then welcome to join us. Just request an invite

Working on that part. Done.

Still accepting new members…help us grow

Open spots still available…taking new and frustrated players

Spots going fast, four left. Taking new comers and frustrated souls to help us grow and take it to the next level

If you recently sent a request i may have accidentally rejected, please try again

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Hi, I am fairly new to this game, have been playing for less than 2 months, currently at level 20. Looking for 2 spots (level 19,20). Are you still recruiting?

We currently have one open spot available, you must request to join. We accept all.