The Misfits of Death currently has openings.Laid-back alliance looking for lost souls, frustrated heroes and new players (1400 trophy minimum). 100% war perticapation required if opted in. And hit those titans. 3 missed titans/wars in a month gets the 🪓

Running solo or nomad? Frustrated that your current clan is not getting it done ? New to the game ? Join the Misfits of Death and help us take it to the next level. We are a laid back alliance with knowledgeable players willing to help you grow or if you are a seasoned player we would appreciate your insight. Join us on Line (not required but encouraged) for indepth conversation. REQUIREMENTS. 1) you must hit the titans 2) if you opt into war you must use all 6 flags. 3) if you go three days inactive you will be removed * exceptions accepted due to rl. This is the way.


MoD is a really great alliance. Super friendly, kind, and fun! I learned so much while in the alliance.

Miss y’all @theSandman! Give everyone my best!


Thank you @Kaerlighed69. Hope you are well and i imagine you are a grand wizard by now.

Don’t let the lack of other’s perticapation in war frustrate you, we behead repeat offenders in our alliance.

Three open spots. Get while the getting is good.

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Open spots in the MoD. Join us and be one of the cool kids.

Come join the MoD and help us take over the world

Keeping it relevant untill the meter reads full

Looking for a new home? We are laid back but competitive. No micromanaging

Feeling out of place ? Check out the misfits of death, I’m sure you will fit in nicely

Just kicking back playin some e&p. MoD has a spot open if you care to join us

Don’t let a lack of group perticapation in your alliance get you down, join the MoD where all flags in war get used .

It’s a war day…wait, not playing war? Missing out. Join an alliance who wars.

Some days it feels like im begging

Decepticon SoundWave
Is my handle if you invite me. Active player daily 2-3 times a day. Lvl 67 2500+tp

Just request to join and someone will be more then happy to open the door for you @Rezrob

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Laid back active alliance looking for a few players

Misfits looking for other misfits

Yep…still looking (um, needed 20 characters)

Two spots open in a very laid back but competitive alliance.