The Donut Stuffers! Come join one of E&P's premier alliances with baked goods in its name!

Fun semi-competitive alliance, we like to grow with one another, only semi solid rule is if you opt in for war, please use all your flags… bouncing between 7-8 star titans, looking for another member or two to help push us forward. COME GET STUFFED!!!

Still a couple of spaces open!

Fun group, only hard rule is try to use all your flags in war. Very helpful; we answer all questions for newbies, (probably too many answers); currently bouncing between 7 and 8 * titans.

Join the donut stuffers; multinational alliance, helpful, and getting very competitive. Currently on 7-8 titans and trending up! We’ve cleaned out a few spots and are looking for new members.

Hi there, TheBadShepherd. Me, my wife, and my son (he’s 6, so really it’s my alt) are all seeking an active alliance. Our current one can’t hold members and has only about 50-60% involvement in wars and titans.

We spend all titan and war flags. If you think you can take all 3 of us, we’ll give the Donut Stuffers a shot!

Let me know if you want screenshots of rosters, cup scores, etc. We all have 4* teams either mostly or completely ascended.

Hey Raghadorn,
Feel free to check us out… we do have a 1000 trophy min, and we like you to have at least one defense team with 3000. My only concern would be if your 6 year old actually comes online, the convo does sometime “go adult”

But mostly we just want you to be active, and verbal. We have a war strategy we do like to follow, its pretty simple but has been successful.

Come and give the team a shot we will help guide you if needed all you have to do is ask we have a friendly and helpful bunch

My kid doesn’t get into the chat at all, so I’m not worried about adult language/discussion. We all meet the cup and team criteria, so I’m going to grab all our devices and find Donut Stuffers.

Awesome we will accept as soon as you add welcome aboard

Nice! We’re on a roll
Donut roll

Still room for a few more. How can you resist puns like that? Join the Stuffers!

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