Donut stuffers looking for merger. 13 spots open

Donut Stuffers is an established alliance looking for a merger. 13 spots open.
Our members are mostly Canadian, U.S., U.K., and a few more exotic locales.
We all speak English.
We are all adults. There is profanity with pinch of vulgarity but nothing too crazy.
We are social and active on discord.
We use all flags for war and have an organized strategy that usually leads us to a win.
Titans are optional so we’re in that sweet spot between competitive and casual.
Currently hitting 7-8* but we want to get to 10* + with a full alliance.
We have a few members in develpoment but they don’t participate in war until they can field a defense team of 3600 TP or higher.
Visit us on Discord or pop in game to say hi.

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