Donut stuffers recruiting

We are here again trying to recruit currently we have 15 members and are looking for more active friendly people to have fun and a laugh in between merging could be considered if your part of a small alliance


See PM. Good luck with recruiting!


Do you like killing titans? Do you like winning wars? Do you like chatting with active players from around the globe? If so, stop by and see if the Donut Stuffers is the right alliance for you!

We still have 15 spaces to fill come and join our friendly alliance let’s fill this alliance guys and girls

Donut doldurma teşekkürler

Love the name as a member of the lawn chair alliance i can appreciate a laid back gamer. Good luck with recruiting

We are still looking for some new active members. Stop in and take a look around.

Come and join the donut stuffers guys and gals still 13 places and hitting 9 star titans a couple more members and we will destroy 10s give us a look up and join the fun

We are still looking for some new players who need to find a new home. Come check out the Donut Stuffers!

We are still looking for 13 members please come and check us out.

Even a possible merger of a smaller alliance could be considered if interested come and join our friendly bunch

Hey!! Im in an alliance that has been stagnant for a while we have about 8 of us that are daily players and i think our best option is a merge…we are the grumpies check us out and let me know

What is your current alliance, and what members will you bring with you?

Just give us a shout if your interested we could do with a few more active members to add to the bunch Mike or shepard are more than willing to dicuss

Join the stuffers! Laid back and fun!

Come check out the Donut Stuffers. We have some openings in the roster to fill. Active and chatty group. Stop on in and check us out.

Studies show that those who listen to 268johnson’s advice about alliances tend to report an 80% postive increase in quality of life (as they perceive it). How can you not join the donut stuffers?

We’ve welcomed 4 new members recently. We are still looking for players to fill a few more spots. Come on over and check us out.

Come on guys and gals still more spots to fill come and join the titan killing fun

We are still looking for 13 more members even the possibility of someone coming to merge with us hit us up for some titan smashing fun and war wins

We are still looking for new active members to join out friendly group currently destroying 9* Titans and the odd 10.

Still 13 spaces going to join our dedicated squad

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