🧪 The Beta Beat (V63) – Legendary Troops, Clash of Knight heroes, Super Elemental heroes, Journey hero, Owl Tower -- Sharing the Big Picture on What's Going on in Beta

There are no more releasable heroes in them.
So they most likely will not return unless new heroes will be added to them.

I am pessimistic about this. Their arrival is almost certain in my opinion.
SG has not thrown out ‘ideas’ where they spent less time of development than this.

Why do you have faded?

This seems fair though.

If we would get one video summon per each event, we would have ~10 free summons per month. Which means ~10 more chances for the HOTM.

Still a huge QoL improvement.


It seems my assumption was correct.
Testing was not intended of this extra summon by Video:

So this might not arrive with V63, and the details of it is not final.


Will my Golden Balls work on these troops?

The new Beta is here:

  • 2024 February HotM
  • Tower of the Owls event (25 + 25 Floor event) + new heroes.

@PlayForFun do you intend on updating the OP with the beta schedule and updates?

First thought: OMG - another Tower event ?!?!

How many new Heroes ?
Hero #1000 to arrive for April 1st ?

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Oooh is this where the legendary troop portal will be situated ?

There will be also “NEW” Lunar New Year Heroes and Season of Love Heroes one after another :rofl:

Lets not forget about them :smiley:

Don’t worry, I’ve not forgotten them :rofl: Mentioned them, and a couple of others, in a recent post on another thread.

SGG Zynga is really going for the milestone ASAP ( :thinking: perhaps MILLstone might be more appropriate :rofl:)


I have just done that. Thx for the reminder.

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Maybe by TT’s financial year end of 31/3/24? Should be enough time for Zynga to release at least 30+ heroes by then.

do you get an avatar for the top 100?

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No Special Troop portal for the event. Yet, but we Styx Troops are arrived from the thin air as I recall. So I assume “Owl Troops” will be come too.

I think Legendary Troops Portal will be another troop portal.


Would not be at all suprised :rofl: (See last line of this post from slightly earlier.)


There are no Avatars as rewards in the event in Beta right now.

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Just 8 new Owl, 5 Legenedary, 1 Epic, 2 Rare.

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If they add another set of 4star troops, I hope they make them weak, but level faster. That would fill a role with the upgrading of 4stars to 5.

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