🧪 The Beta Beat (V37, V38 & V39) – Advanced Hero Levelling, Future S4 Heroes, Hero Balances, Future HotM's, Non-S1 Costumes, Starfall Circus Heroes + Event -- Sharing the Big Picture on What's Going on in Beta

@Guvnor thanks for all the work you did!
@PlayForFun thanks for picking it up


A rare second award of Mod of the year goes to…


Yet another event with new heroes. Dear Lord, i’m here still unable to ascend a simple Sartana pulled more than one year ago and content keeps popping up like mosquitos in the summer. The feeling that the situation is getting out of control is growing stronger and stronger. They will eventually bring us to a point where there’s so much to play and pull, that none of it will really be of any interest or fun for us.
On the other hand, we’re stuck with a trial with Scarlett Skittle and Domitia as bosses (citing the actual one just for laziness, but every single trial would be worth a mention…)


So the game got so stupid updates to come that even Guvnor, the primary source of entertainment in the forum is tired. So much respect for everything you’ve done.

I’m no longer playing but are we REALLY seeing the game fall apart due to zynga’s idiotic stubbornness to implement a water damage rana and a paladin yunan that are worse than the original versions even though they are dated heroes and those ridiculous limit-breakers?

let me laugh 'cause it’s not like we haven’t warned them a million times.

and the salmon loki? my god… since you want to use that art, why don’t you release him as part of s1 as a new hero? a candy for the players wouldn’t be so bad. If costumes are comin’, why only Yunan and Rana? Are you lazy or expect your “idiot” costumers to summon all over again next year for Roc’s costume?

and jesus christ, do you want to add yunan, roc and rana to the level 10 academy? ONLY to make NO other improvements, I suppose. because it won’t make any difference to further dilute the chances of getting a good hero in that place. all this while you guys release other totally broken OP heroes.

the next heroes of the month are another couple of just so so heroes again, with situational abilities. The ice guy that increases critical damage to boards is interesting, I admit. but my god.

Do they had to mess up the game that much and make half players quit this bullcrap ONLY to add those small little game changing scum? Also beyond that the improvements of life remain non-existent. I learned that the buttons to train food heroes and item is faster. Congrats only took almost 4 years for something so simple.

Horrible costumer support, beta testing usage and management :-1:


they are really trying to push us away…

its stupid to repeat anything anyway.

Maybe last resort could also be a boycot of all moderators? Maybe that will get their message if it even counts for anything…

Its like they are making a game based on ideas of one rich kids millionaire, who has an influental daddy…

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Beta Update

The new topic is up and running for the new Tower of Magic heroes:


Thanks @PlayForFun, section and link added into the OP now :heart_eyes:


Thanks,… very nice feature to hear, are the costume only legendary or rare and epic also included?

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Unfortunately only Legendary…

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Cool! that’s great, rare and epic is easier to get from portal, and I only missing Gormek costume. Thanks!

Can we change the game name to Heroes & Pulls already?

*No new stages,
*No new events or quests remaking (when I say new I say new, no another copy&paste),
*All that riot for non-s1 costumes and all they did was give Rana water damage instead of sand and gave Yunan an useless class. WHO is going to spend fighter emblems only for turning them into ■■■■■■■ paladin???I know he was a tank in past but??? Zynga, you tarnished your image for so little. you guys are very dumb.

Empires & puzzles? Nahhh. Empires? We barely can do anything to the village. Last building was Hero Academy and it´s so annoying and frustrating that it´s just a free 2* troop pull portal.

Puzzles? Heroes are so overpowered nowadays that everything is decided at your starting board. If you can’t fire your specials in 3 turns, ninjas, frigg, odin, elizabeth and kadilen gonna just fry all your heroes at once. Strategy helps but won’t save you. All we have to do is loop stages and see more and more heroes being launched. Let´s just change the name for something that fits better.

Heroes & Pulls, Gamble & Loop and Copy & Paste are my suggestions.

oh, put the limit-breakers deep in that place as well.


I’m myself no big fan of most new features and because of the huge mass of different portals where it’s nearly meaningless to pull because in the next month there will be the next portal with brand new “must have” heroes I became f2p around a year ago.
But no new stages? We get new stages every month and when they revealed S4 around half the forum was mad because it was to less time between that and S3.

We get a new event next week, and a completely new maybe tower like event in fall. And people are already complaining about it although there isn’t any information how it will really be.

And complaining about only copy and paste events, Ninja tower for example was a complete new event with complete new mechanics and many (most?) people on the forum hate it.

So although I’m not the biggest fan of the devs I sometimes pity them, regardless what they do, they only hear complains…


I see your points but… The magical thing is called “tower” and the heroes have the same mana mechanic as ninjas. Circus and Villains are 99% the same as the other challenge events, what to expect? It is not like I’m already complaining, I’m just expecting the worst based on last events, and honestly, I’m not even guilty. Specialy after finding out about the current beta contents.

Yep, it was a new event but with 50 unrewarding stages that demands a load of time. Of curse many people dislike it and now we are getting another “tower” event like that? Sorry but I can’t just say I’m happy with it.

I meant… The special effects in S4 are cool but they way too repetitive. It´s only some elemental power ups, why 4, 5 or 6 provinces with the same “biome effect” elements? I’ve seen people complain about this around Line and here in the forum so I felt confortable to say it as well.

I’m also talking about daily quests that are the exact same forever. in the end I don’t want to offend anyone or say that the game has been the same for years. I mean being bombarded with new heroes every month is really frustrating when you have gameplay problems and a whole forum of disgruntled people.

That’s a fair pointo, so I’m going to congratulate the devs for the minimal balance adjustment they made to the S1 heroes a few weeks ago and for inserting a wave counter in the stages. But what else?

It doesn’t make sense to organize summons and strategize anymore and that’s really rubbish, in my opinion.


I kinda like having a packed calender. At least theres always something new to do. Rather than s1-s4 map stages.


The biggest complaint is the things they havent address the issues that have been by many of the players of the game.

They havent balanced the game in a while and instead of balancing the game, the developers now want you to pay for a balance with new costumes.

The HA hasnt address the issue with duplicate 5*s which they promised they would do 3 years ago.

What they keep introducing is new heroes that are way stronger than the previous year. The 1st 2 years, the HOTM was up to par with the season 2 heroes as far as power goes. Members of my alliance wont spend gems on AS anymore unless its for Miki. What about balancing S2 heroes?

Now they are close to 20 TP less then whats being introduced by the S4

Ya, the complaints are valid because the mats are nearly impossible to get unless you buy them and by the time you get them now, the hero you wanted to ascend, its nearly outdated.

The Ninja tower isnt making the revenue anymore. So instead of adding new ninjas, a whole new, 15 TP stronger, in less than a year portal that will make cash rather than address the concerns that have been voiced over and over.

I love the mechanics of these heroes but hope they decide to wait a lot longer before introducing them. Its overload


This is the best word to describe my feeling. I do find a lot of the new heroes intriguing. But I do not feel excited, because it’s too fast, too soon, too many.

I don’t exactly hate or dislike them… but I’m still trying to absorb everything being thrown our way. And I have trouble feeling excited too as I will get very few of these heroes anyway (as I do not spend) :slight_smile:


Yes that for example is really sad, most of the Quests are already outdated, for most things you will find a map stage somewhere, where you get the same things like from the quest but better.

It has, nerfs are also some kind of balance and the outcry was huge ( :sweat_smile: sorry had to say that) yes I can agree here, there are so many mostly old heroes who are completely left behind comparing new ones and costumes are definitely not the solution.

100% agree, that’s not even something only the player base wants, that’s something the devs promised and till now nothing new about the duplicate problem.


The current Beta build’s testing is ended yesterday, but a new build will arrive later this week. (Most likely tomorrow)


Beta Update:

Staff indicated that this is final round of testing of Version 39

Limit Breaker Quest (Mirages of Omega) changes:

  • WE cost is reduced for Level 1-4 (I will know further details on the WE cost once the new quest starts 1 hour later)
  • Difficulty is reduced for Level 1

Other changes/fixes under testing

  • Testing how decreasing the raid defense team buff for high level Raids affects the gameplay experience and defense win rates.
  • Fixed an issue where Finley’s chain didn’t break if an enemy dodged due to Marjana’s Special Skill.
  • A small fix to Isrods description to make it consistent.
  • Fixed an issue where Alfrike did not fire all five cubes if an enemy died mid attack.
  • Fixed an issue where Finleys chain would break on a dead enemy.
  • Fixed an issue where Finleys chain would not break on a Ghosted enemy or when Morris is hiding.
  • Fixed the enemy Abyssaurus’ Special Skill description.
  • Fixed a visual issue in Hero Academy where the amount you can add to another queue was not updated when removing from one queue.
  • Fixed an issue where Onatel was gaining mana after being shifted to Ghost form by Lepiota.
  • Fixed an issue where Raffaele’s healing chain was broken by a hero ghosted by Lepiota.
  • Fixed an issue where Vanda and Morgan Le Fay were healing from Recover Steal or Health Drain while being ghosted by Lepiota.
  • Fixed a small audio issue where goose sound didn’t stop after all of the geese had been shot.
  • Improved descriptions for some of the Starfall Circus heroes.
  • When you edit your Raid Formation the information is immediately updated on your alliance member info without delay.
  • Fixed a rare issue where dragurs and zombies caused freezing in the Ninja tower and Easter event when killed by poison or bombs.
  • Mythic titans final global damage done will be shown in the UI after the event ends.
  • Corrosive status effects do not affect stacks anymore.

Thanks for this, and nice that they’re actually doing a full test of minor fixes for once.


Please encourage beta testers to test the crap out of Finley, Alfrike, etc. Including all the previous issues with them (like blind), as well as making sure Mitsuko’s reflect doesn’t break the chain BOTH for reflect and bypass cases.

It appears that beta is the entirety of testing for this.

Chain? Why the heck was this implemented as a chain?! :man_facepalming:🤦:woman_facepalming:

Anyway, thanks again.


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