🧪 The Beta Beat (v32) – Ninja Tower Event; Ninja Tower Heroes & Troops, Updated Halloween Event & New Halloween Heroes -- Sharing the Big Picture on What's Going on in Beta

i heard that beta is already open with new costumes, but i cant be sure of that; you know the internet is often liyng

I want official information, not something googled.

Edit… it is a secrettttt


I saw C.Thorne in the Internet, and he seems meh( It is true than he slows down himself?

No. He is awesome with the costume.
540 damage plus undispellable +24 mana generation for himself.

It is +24 (PLUS) mana gen, NOT -24 (MINUS)

Just be patient lol… one can’t just click their fingers and magic these threads into existance.

New threads should be up inside the hour. Until then hold off your discussions else I’ll start flagging as off-topic for this thread…


i’ve already seen, but i didnt want to clarify that i did because once zephyr said that beta testers should not share screen or video from beta. Thank you anyway for your offer.

Beta Update

Beta has reopend with Version 33 testing.

As is customary here is the new master #beta-beat thread which will serve as a nexus for all things V33 of beta.

Currently, the only thing in V33.1 for testing are new costumes. See this thread tho for all the info!!
🧪 Early Information on ROUND 3 Costumes [Part of The Beta Beat v33]

As always: Sharing of Beta Images & Videos is STRICTLY prohibited… Players found to be doing so can and have had their Beta Access Revoked… so please don’t encourage others to do so.


Correct me if I am wrong but I thought there was a 4* and 5* ninja announced in each color?
So 4* missing in blue, yellow and green…:confused:

Sapphire is blue 4☆.

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So it is yellow and green 4* missing?

Correct :frowning: not a full set for whatever reason.

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Wow! Guv you out did yourself on this one, BOOKMARK. Amazing insight - thank you!

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NINJA GRADES ARE IN (I took the middle value where there were diff grades for the Charge 1/2/3)!

@Guvnor @Vikingblood80 @yelnats_24 @LucaeBirba @mogulemon @rilian @Dan7 @JonahTheBard @jinbatsu @Sarah2

Cobalt & Garnet made a fair showing during random captures during the period.

I had taken the Jr Ninjas for a couple runs… just nothing outstanding so likely I wont use much myself being I have the likes of Guilli, Costume Rig, Costume Boril etc… Others may find great value IDK.

<FYI: I did re-run the Cumulative so the image has been updated. That is the only change.>


@JAWS1 - Defensive Grades from Anchors Team do not coincide with what I’ve been hearing… experiencing. Garnet I think does pretty great on Defense - drags it out like nobody’s business… (however I nearly always outlast). Cobalt has not been a problem for me at all. Mica neither ( at the lower charge level kinda like a weak Wilbur)… Now if they were 3 charging more it would be a different story. They absolutely have their place and have great potential. Not having them I’m a bit limited.

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thank you razor for the infos and hard work :slight_smile:

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Why are there 5, 5 and 7 grades for vs Titans, Offence and Defence?

@Razor I agree with your assessment. I have not had a problem when I face any of the ninjas on defense. If the AI sets them for a 2x or 3x charge, the battle is typically over by the time they are even close to charging. If they go off in 1x, the hit is easily sustainable. Now if the opponent has one or more heros in their defense that can drag the battle out giving the ninjas time to charge, that’s a totally different story! The ninjas can take you out all by themselves once charged. Thus, it’s like using Alfrike in defense. If she doesn’t have time to fire, she’s useless. But if she does fire, it game over!


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