🧪 The Beta Beat (v30) – Hero Balance Updates; Updated Alchemy Lab; Hero Academy; Updated Sand Empire Seasonal Event; Updated Path of Valor; New Season 3 Heroes; Jun/Jul/Aug/Sep HOTM – Sharing the Big Picture on What's Going on in Beta

Out of curiosity, How long does a round of beta last for?


Sorry. Couldn’t resist :wink:

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It depends what’s being tested, and what day of the week it is, but 1-5 days between updates is pretty typical.

Tomorrow is a holiday in Finland, so I don’t expect an update before Friday at earliest.


Well I know who the next batch of monthlies are, so I can rest now :slightly_smiling_face:
Thank you!

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Is that the July HotM? What is his use as tank if the attacker do not even use minion?

Was Sarcasm…

Maybe they’ll fix her… By now She seems very poor… (Great Minions, ok, but nothing else)

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I suppose there are still no information about this, right ?

Thanks @zephyr1, have no idea why I was thinking v25 for.

My question is to do with the new update coming up with the Academy Lad.

Is there thought given into adding a new Advanced Mine. With this sh24 we just got the mines are just not keeping up with crafting and building.

As my main acc already had every building completed I am now currently on 3rd level Advance iron storage atm and 2nd Advance food storage from sh24 but finding now can only do one or the other as the iron takes about 3 to 4 days to reach the 3rd lot of advanced requirements.

And then there’s the crafting of battle items both in normal and Hunter lodge… Al up there is a hell of a lot of iron required for just 4 mines.

Just wondering.


Small Giant hasn’t given any indication they’re considering adding more buildings to unlock with Stronghold 25.

I can say, while upgrading buildings will take many months, it will eventually end — so the demands for Iron will eventually be reduced.

It seems to be the intention of the game designers to create a period of resource management constraints, which further delay the ability to use Alchemy Lab or Hero Academy. Likewise, players will need to decide whether to use limited Food toward Heroes, Troops, Crafting, Alchemy Lab, Hero Academy, etc.


Path of Valor was initially not working properly in this latest Beta release, but now appears to be functioning.

There are new Daily and Valor Challenges in the rotation, but the Rewards have not been updated yet.

I’m capturing a list of some of the Daily Challenges as they rotate in Beta, and will publish a sampling of them in a new thread in in the coming days, once I have more than a few to report on.


Has there been any beta feedback to SG requesting some benefit for excess valor points once you hit tier 50?

Even something small like 150 points= 15k food. Seems like a waste now for those that finish POV early.


Thanks for your answer and your work on collecting the challenges.


Thanks @zephyr1 for all you do…

Anything new since the last update?

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Beta hasn’t been updated since my last post.

As noted above, I’m collecting a sample of some of the new Path of Valor Daily Challenges, and will post that this weekend.


Beta Update

As noted a few times above, Path of Valor returned to Beta last Wednesday, and I’ve now had sufficient opportunity to take note of Daily Challenges to have something worth reporting on.

I’ve created a new thread here:

=> 🧪 Early Information on the UPDATED Third Path of Valor [Part of the Beta Beat v30]

I’ve added a link to this new thread in the top post of this thread as well, for easy reference.


Beta Update

Beta has now closed, in preparation of an update for further testing.

I’ll update again when Beta reopens.


Wow there will be changes in the new HOTM stats , eagerly waiting

When will update come ?



Margaret and Toth-Amun send their regards to the next 4 HOTM’s. And I didn’t think they would ever be able to make worse heroes.

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