🧪 The Beta Beat (v30) – Hero Balance Updates; Updated Alchemy Lab; Hero Academy; Updated Sand Empire Seasonal Event; Updated Path of Valor; New Season 3 Heroes; Jun/Jul/Aug/Sep HOTM – Sharing the Big Picture on What's Going on in Beta

SG says “hold my beer”

Kiril says: no problem.

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Oh long beta closed ? 22 hrs

Until they reopen it :stuck_out_tongue:

There wasn’t a time on the closure announcement for when they hoped to have a new V30 build ready for testing. So could be today, tomorrow, Friday or next week… :man_shrugging:


Is there anything happening in regards to being able to participate more with your alliance members. I thought I remember hearing that would be part of this year. I think a lot of people keep playing this game because of the friends they have made and enjoy battleing with. That’s what really needs to be worked on imo. Can any of the mods update if there is anything SG might have planned for that.

Thread Revived asking that question here: 💥 New Year 2020 Sneak Peek Discussion!

My most recent response:


:zzz::zzz::zzz::zzz::zzz::zzz::zzz::zzz::zzz::zzz::zzz::zzz::zzz::zzz::zzz::zzz::zzz::zzz::zzz::zzz::zzz::zzz::zzz::zzz::zzz::zzz::zzz::zzz::zzz::zzz: haha sleeping

I expect the Hero Academy to come in the next 2 months.
But I’m just looking into my oracle. :rofl:
Regardless of whether it comes in early June or later, I will be ready for use in 96 days after it appears.

@zephyr1 can you update beta posts?

He already does, and at great speeds too.


I will in a bit. I typically do them within a few hours of Beta reopening, when I’ve had a chance to verify the Build Notes are accurate, and see any details that have been left out of them.


Please please please start with HA review first. Thaaaaaaanks :slight_smile:

Probably the most anticipated but also the longest edit. Going from the update HotM to larger drafts is probably smarter.
@zephyr1 should start by telling us everything about the new Unicorn Loki hero as a replacement for Salmon Loki

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@ProfLoki Do Unicorn Loki’s special create Dawa Minions?


He spawns Dawa minions riding on sharks with lasers.


If they are Jedi sharks i want 5 unicorn Loki in my defence team!

Do we have any idea when the final round of costumes will enter beta? Coincidentally most of my vanilla 5* heroes that I care about most in my roster happen to be in the last round :sweat_smile:

Officially, no, except that it’s not on the roadmap for Version 30 testing.

In terms of my personal opinion, I doubt we’ll see them in the next couple of months.


Beta Update

Beta has reopened with many updates:


As it turns out, 12 new Season 3 threads and 8 updates to other Beta Beat threads was as much as I have the energy for today.

I’m heading to bed soon, and will plan to work through Alchemy Lab tomorrow.

There are changes to the Recipe costs and Boosted Alkashards, and the Transmutation times have been published — so I want to make sure I fully capture all of those updates, and verify all of the Upgrade and Research costs before posting, so it’s all accurate. So I don’t want to rush through that tonight while tired.


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