The Beacons are lit! Fellowship of the πŸ’

Beacons has grown considerably and we are always looking for heavy hitters

The Beacons of Minas Tirith are lit and Gondor calls for aid.

Who will help us fend off the titans?

Who will help us flank our enemies?

Basic rules:

War optional but preferred. Use all hits if you opt in, otherwise opt out. We have a two strikes system to keep everyone accountable and to ensure that everyone pulls their weight.

Try and hit titan as much as you can.

But most importantly let’s have fun and help each other grow. :blush:

Brief description:

We’re a proactive and lively bunch that like to encourage each other. We’re not prescriptive or demanding; rather we will help you get to your best. And I’m always happy to help. :blush::grin:

We have great, fun and friendly leaders in our group. Tell us if real life gets in the way - we value communication and we respect that sometimes real life is more important than E and P.

Join us at The Beacons are lit!!


It’s snug and cosy in here, join us :slight_smile:

You need a wizard , elf and dwarf on that team !! :grin:


Does Sartana count? :joy:

Maybe @algeco can be Gandalf

@Gbenyon is Aragorn of course.

There’s plenty of room left in this cheery fellowship


Gondor needs more friends, plenty of spots in this cheery fellowship!!

The fellowship is growing.

We’re up to 9 members today, and still looking for a good dwarf. Any takers? Any fakers? :wink:

I have recently joined and can say if you are looking to join a helpful but competitive team give us a try. Some experienced members who are happy to give advice and work as a team.

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Hi guys, we are looking for new members who want to join a friendly alliance. We are from some different places of the world but we play as a team and we are happy to help each other.

So we will be happy to have you in our team to help us be stronger and to get you stronger.
No pressure, just use what you have and do your best.

I hope we will see you soon at The Beacons are lit! :blush:

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Hi everyone, we still have plenty of room for enthusiastic adventurers to join us :slight_smile:

We have just won our 2nd war with a score of over 6k and 100% participation. So if you want to help us grow and would like to be part of a growing alliance come and have look. :grin:


We are a recently formed alliance, now up to 9 members. Currently attacking 7 titans. Must attack in war if participating. If not just let the leaders know. Come and give us a look. Get in on the ground floor of an exciting adventure.*

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Hi, please use your alliance’s original thread for the recruitment. It is against forum rules to create multiple threads for the same alliance. :slight_smile:

The Beacons are lit! Fellowship of the πŸ’


Hi guys, we are growing, we are one more than the last time I posted here :grin:
Come join us and have fun with us
Have a nice day

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Hello, we are still looking for some dedicated players like us.
We are 10 and we chase some 7* titans.
We fight our wars intensely and have no flags left.
But no pressure, do your best and we will be happy to help you, because we know you will be able to do the same for us.
So don’t hesitate, we will welcome you as best as we could and we will have fun together :blush:

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Hey @Jedon my friend, I just saw you post. How is your haircut shop? :rofl:. Good to see you back

You are welcome to visit our new alliance for as long or short as you like if you want somewhere to hang around :slight_smile:

Hello there,

We still have some space for you if you want to play relaxed but not too much :grin:

We play all in wars, use all our flags, use all our energy against titan 6*, 7*. With you, we will rise up for sure and will fight 8*, 9* or 20* titan … Maybe this is a bit too much…
We are enthusiastic and supportive as you can see.

Anyway, you are welcome to join us and maybe stay with us if you like it.

Have a great day, you who have read this :blush:
See you later, bye bye

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We have grown considerably and are keen to take some heavy hitters aboard :wink:

New faces are always welcome, let me know!

Hey forum family

We have a few spots available for anyone who wants a nice comfy home :slight_smile:

We use all flags and enjoy each other’s company.


Bump, we’re always looking for eager adventurers!


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